Your Perfect Customer Wants you to sell to them

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Do you realize your Perfect Customer actually *wants* you to sell to them?

Pay close attention – I don't say “all consumers” or “all people.” It's specifically “your perfect customer.”

For example, my perfect customer is looking to grow their online business, and in order to do that they need to have an offer to sell and know who they are selling to.

Selling is serving.

If I want to buy something, I know I want it, but maybe I don’t know as much about that thing as I wished I did… (fancy hot tub for the backyard). I *want* someone to break it all down for me so I understand what I’m buying?

That's selling.

Or if I’m in a store, overwhelmed with lots of options for something, and not sure which one I need. I want or even NEED someone to come over and help me decide! Someone who knows the products and their pros and cons better than I do.

That's selling.

I loved hearing stories from my husband when he owned a lawnmower shop. He would often tell me about the customers who came in who didn't know that much about lawnmowers and the options they needed versus the options that sound super-cool but are much more than they need.

His favorite thing to do was getting inside their heads and discover what they really needed and not have them waste money on excess. The salesman who wants repeat customers and to increase his influence in the community looks to match the product with the customer's needs and not oversell them.

That's selling.

To buy the lawnmower, it's usually not just seeing it and saying “Yes!” rather, you need someone to share info. Whether that is on a placard or in person.

That's selling.

Selling is simply sharing information, highlighting features and benefits, answering questions, guiding the consumer, and giving them what they need to appreciate the offer and make an informed decision. Plain and simple.

Selling is serving.

And your perfect customer *wants* you to sell to them.

I hope you found value in this post. If so please share to your favorite digital media. Comment down below I would love to hear your thoughts and what you are selling to your perfect customer.

To your success,

Heidi Albertson

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    2 replies to "Your Perfect Customer Wants You to Sell to Them"

    • Isabel Mendoza

      This blog is so good! Thank you Heidi for reminding me that “selling is serving”! I’m thinking about how much I appreciate exceptional customer service & how I can emulate that in the digital world!
      Thank you! 🥓🥑


      You put a lot of great content in here especially the part where you took the scary part of selling to someone. Just having a conversation to see exactly what they may need and not anything more. Thank you for sharing this info.

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