One of the major differences between entrepreneurs and those who enjoy having a steady job is when we are willing to work. The mindset shift from being an employee to being an entrepreneur and how they think about work.

Work to me is something I have to do. I have to go to the office because then I get paid.

My entrepreneurship is something I get to do. I get to choose when I work and I get to choose how I work. One of the best lessons I have learned in my journey of entrepreneurship is being resourceful. If there is something that is making your life miserable and it feels more like work than something you want to do then figure out a different way of doing it.

The question has been asked ‘Do I work my business on the weekends or take the weekends off?' I would say I am involved in my business all the time. Am I physically sitting at my desk working on marketing or a new product – No. But, throughout most days I am thinking of ideas and taking pictures for future marketing.

We just finished a color run and although I'm not technically ‘working' I'm being intentional with photos for future marketing.

When you enjoy what you do it's not work and it's not a chore. For me each day is different and that is my favorite thing. I am a very spontaneous person and although I have a Power list of things I need to get done that day.

During the week working my business is more structured because my environment is more structured, on the weekends I incorporate other projects or outings with friends, but I also spend time on my business. I don't really call it work though because I get to do it.

This mindset of ‘I get to work on my business has been a work in progress this past year. I was introduced to a community of entrepreneurs. If you have ever been involved with a group of entrepreneurs you also know they are the most optimistic and forward-thinking people you can find.

Learning from this group has helped me enjoy what I am doing and get resourceful when I need to. I have been able to tweak what I do because being a global community different people are available for helping at almost all hours of the day or week.

Before belonging to this community I still loved being an entrepreneur, but the loneliness of doing it by myself most days got weary and felt like work or something I had to do to get to the things I enjoyed. I have gotten resourceful and although there are always things we need to do that are not our favorite I can still see and feel the mindset of ‘I get to do this. I am blessed.'

So, in answer to the question ‘Do I work my business on the weekends?' I would say yes, no, maybe so depending on what you call work…..

I understand the idea of disengaging to recharge. For me, that happens when I tweak what I'm doing and engage different ideas and try something new or a new way.

The Young Entrepreneur Project has made ‘working my business' something I look forward to and have to be pulled away from.

In case this comes across this way – I am not a workaholic I just enjoy what I do and I switch things up to keep them enjoyable. I also enjoy hiking, scrapbooking, being with my family, traveling, spending time with friends. I think there are times I am actively working on my business and there are times I am passively working on my business.

To your success,

Heidi 😀

    4 replies to "Working, Playing are They Different or are They Both Living Life?"

    • Elisa

      Love this! I am making a plan to start a side gig, and when that happens I think I will see it as enjoyment and not work.

      • Heidi Albertson

        YES!! Enjoy what you do or I think burn out and getting weary of it would happen fast!!


      Awesome post, Heidi. Thank you for sharing. I feel the way you wrote. Unfortunately I did not get a chance to get mine written sooner and it shows! 🙁

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