Personality Traits Defined with Birds

I have often been fascinated by what makes people tick. Why one person reacts one way to a situation and someone else reacts completely opposite? Why do children raised by the same parents all take different paths through life??

There are so many personality tests and charts available picking one can be a challenge or to some overwhelming.

I have looked at many and the one that I understand the most and resonates with me is one based on the DISC personality test, but to make it easier to understand and to remember they associate each letter with a bird.

Here is a quick look at characteristics of each one:  (Borrowed from the book “Taking Flight)

Words and phrases that describe Eagles (The D in DISC)

  • Powerful
  • Leaders
  • confident
  • over achievers
  • Decisive
  • Independent
  • Argumentative
  • Adventurous
  • Competitive
  • Self-Reliant
  • Purposeful
  • Controlling
  • Action-Oriented
  • Think Fast
  • Love Pressure
  • Don't read       instructions
  • Not-Practical
  • Take Authority
  • Like to be in   control
  • Words and phrases that describe Parrots (The I in DISC)

  • Enthusiastic
  • High Energy
  • Rule Breakers
  • Optimistic
  • Unify People
  • Creative
  • Sentimental
  • Clutter
  • Risk-Takers
  • Spontaneous
  • Popular
  • Love Change
  • Bright Colors
  • Laugh Loud
  • Wiggle
  • Pivot Easily
  • No one is a   stranger
  • Words and phrases that describe Doves (The S in DISC)

  • Mellow
  • Like to serve
  • Hippie
  • Nature Oriented
  • Thoughtful
  • Like to garden
  • Adapt Easily
  • Like routines
  • Can't handle pressure
  • small groups of friends
  • Like to crochet, scrapbook
  • compliant
  • trustworthy
  • Loyal
  • Great listeners
  • Words and phrases that describe Owls (The C in DISC)

  • On time
  • note takers
  • enjoy instructions
  • Intense
  • Organized
  • Thorough
  • Consistent
  • Practical
  • Analytical
  • Verify things
  • Argumentative
  • Critical
  • Perfectionist
  • Interrogate
  • Can be insensitive
  • Fact Finding
  • Most people tend to be a combination of 2 or more of the personalities. I have also come across people who are very strong in one personality and people who are great combination of all 4 personalities.

    There's not a right way to be or not to be, but we are naturally inclined to a certain personality style and recognizing the strengths and weaknesses we have helps us to recognize them in others and hopefully not be so judgemental.

    “We tend to stay in our natural style until someone or something pulls us out of it. When that happens, we feel uncomfortable. But make no mistake, that uncomfortable zone is where growth occurs. It is also where adventure resides.” – Merrick Rosenberg, The Chameleon

    The question remains: How does understanding these help us with our families, friends, coworkers, customers, and/or potential business partners??

    I believe culture and society expect a certain behavior and when we don't conform to their expectations we either disappoint them or they may try to change us. I don't believe it's always intentional, but they've been taught an expected behavior and they naturally expect it from others.

    Merrick Rosenberg in The Chameleon says “But in the end, we are not good for others if we are not good for ourselves.”

    When we learn appreciate and embrace our differences, our strengths and our weaknesses we can improve our communication which will affect all the the relationships listed above.

    Here is a free test if you would like to determine your personality style:

      8 replies to "Why Would we Want to Study Personalities??"

      • Wow! Fascinating. I’m a hybrid of all these beautiful creatures for sure. I will take the personality test and see what unfolds. Thank you for this insight!

        • Heidi Albertson

          We all have some of each bird in us. It's fascinating when people are a great mixture or one is really dominate!!

      • Pamela James

        I agree, personalities are fascinating! I often struggle with these tests because I am usually a bit of all groups…. Does that make me a cuckoo bird. LOL

        That said, I think your question hits the point perfectly…"How does understanding these help us with our families, friends, coworkers, customers, and/or potential business partners??"

        The more we understand about what makes each of us tick, the better off we are in terms of communication and relationships.

        Do you use DISC or other similar tools with your clients?

        • Heidi Albertson

          Thank you for commenting. I don't ask clients to take the disc test or anything I study it myself so I can figure out what other people are and adapt my style to serve them better.

      • Anita

        Great post, I find personalities very interesting and did a lot of reading about them years ago. I am going to take the test and see how I do, thanks for sharing.

      • Heidi, this is so interesting! Why study personalities? Because it's major fun! I don't remember how I scored in the DISC system, but I remember it was fun. Understanding oneself leads to being much more relaxed and successful in interacting with others, and that is gold on every level.

        • Heidi Albertson

          Thanks for commenting. It is major fun and fascinating. I've figured out why I drive my family nuts!! LOLOLOL

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