I believe one of the things entrepreneurs dream of is that Freedom Lifestyle.  That lifestyle where you work when, where and how you want. 

The freedom to create a Laptop Lifestyle.  To be financially free entrepreneur and live life on your terms!

In this blog post I will talk about what it means to be an entrepreneur.  It looks a little different now with the current events going on in 2020.  More people are working from home and more people are looking for that home business and not be dependent on their employer.

The world is changing and although we won’t always be in a crisis it’s never going to look like it did before 2020. 

For the first time in history, every business has had to pivot, make accommodations, and some didn’t make it or are holding on by a thread.  The accommodations to survive in a world with less contact and with that came many new entrepreneurs and digital businesses.

More people, businesses and even universities discovered they could survive with employees working from home. 

And many more discovered that they needed a side business and became entrepreneurs.  The blinders came off and the reliance solely on an employer did not make the most financial sense. 

Many have seen their digital business skyrocket overnight.  The need for digital marketing, effective social media and search engines became a demand.  I’ve been fortunate enough to be in a position that I could keep working while building my audience and team even larger. 

I have been soooo excited for this boom…. I really want this for every entrepreneur.

Which is why I’ve been sharing this YEP to Freedom challenge with everyone I meet!!  I want you to be in a position to launch or skyrocket your business.

The YEP to Freedom challenge is all about you and your business.

Oh…. the best part is that it’s a complementary challenge!!

This training includes:

Day 1 – Benefit of a Laptop Lifestyle

You’ll learn the tricks to controlling your schedule and creating habits to lay the foundation for your life of freedom.

Day 2 – Requirements of an Entrepreneur

Discover the shocking secret of exactly how much time, energy, money is actually needed to create a profitable business. 

Day 3 – Journey to Freedom

A unique blueprint that will reprogram your way of thinking to take you from struggling business owner or underappreciated employee to a thriving business owner. 

Day 4 – Marketing Secrets

Learn the closely guarded strategy of implementing incentive-based marketing to up your social media marketing efforts and stand apart from your competitors.  We’ll even show you how to do it with NO costs from your pockets!!

Day 5 – Define Your Perfect Client

Attract more leads and close more sales by using this simple formula to identify your ideal customer and how to target them; become the Hunted instead of the Hunter.

Plus, Amazing Bonuses and daily prizes!!!  Just for doing things that will propel your business!!

And more!  You will get exclusive access to our private YEP to Freedom Challenge group where you will have tons of support and accountability with me!

I’m doing this challenge with you because I know how powerful it can be to do a YEP to Freedom Challenge with a group of people.

Together we will talk about what’s working, how to implement what we are learning, and support each other on this challenge!

In this video, you will hear from people who have gone through it why you need to too! Plus, a sneak peek! I promise… It will be business changing!

I know the times that I have participated in challenges not only did my business grew, but even better I grew as person.  From video challenges, marketing challenges, water challenges and now a business challenge…. I know there is something I can learn from any challenge that might make a significant difference in my business. 

Saying YEP to this YEP to Freedom challenge might be just what you are looking for.  Plus, there are some amazing fast action bonuses that you can start working on to improve your business and create that laptop lifestyle you have been wanting. 

YEP to Freedom Fast Action Bonuses include….

  • Overcome the Fear of doing Live Videos ($97 Value)
  • Guide to Setting Income Goals & Consistency ($27 Value)
  • Underdog Advantage by Dean Graziosi ($19.97)
  • 3 Day 2 Night Family Fun Vacation – Free ($298 Value)
  • How to Leverage Social Media to LAUNCH your Business even if you are already in business…. this is powerful!! ($97 Value)
  • Facebook Mastery Class ($497 Value)

And so much more.  YEP to Freedom is for Entrepreneurs who are ready to leverage a system and use this Challenge to propel their business.  Are you ready to say YEP to Freedom?

Challenges are more fun and engaging when done with other people…sooo I am inviting you to do this challenge with me.  Join me, someone who has done multiple challenges over the years, but I am most excited about this one.  Soo excited and loving it I go through it multiple times and get new Golden Nuggets each time.  I know this will have a massive impact on your business. 

Learn how and what it takes to become a Freedom Maker in your business.

Let’s do this!!  I’ve said YEP to Freedom…. will you???

I’d love to know about your favorite challenges in the comments and if you are ready for a breakthrough this month in your business.

See you inside the YEP to Freedom Challenge!!

Can’t wait to hear about your breakthroughs,


    2 replies to "What You Don’t Know Is Costing You A Fortune! -Here’s The Scoop On How To have that Freedom Lifestyle"

    • Barb

      Wow Heidi, there's a lot to discover in this post. With so many looking to adopt this type of freedom lifestyle this is a great time to let people know about this challenge. Nice!

    • Lily Leung

      I'm very fortunate that I am happily retired. I am sure your challenge could help alot of people.

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