YEP – What is it? I've used that word a lot in my life but, it has come to mean a whole new thing to me now.

YEP – The Young Entrepreneur Project. Now don't get tripped up on the word ‘Young'. We mean young in the entrepreneur world or young at heart. There is actually a much longer story about that I may get into another time. But, just understand like the picture above it doesn't mean anyone is too old.

At the core YEP is a project that is growing, molding and expanding. We are an Elite group of entrepreneurs providing multiple pillars for entrepreneurs to utilize to grow their business.

All entrepreneurs no matter what their niche need customers and the ability to make a profit. Right??

YEP is providing solutions to both of those needs:

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Customer retention
  3. Ongoing and relevant training
  4. Multiple streams of income
  5. Ability to increase profits
  6. Exposure to gain more traffic and exposure for brand awareness

All of these things will impact whether your business is successful or not.

When I heard about YEP I didn't fully understand every aspect of the Community but, I did know it promised to help with all those issues above and more.

The Big Question is How Does YEP Fulfill those promises?

YEP Pillar 1

Providing actionable on demand training for entrepreneurs. One type of these trainings is something we call YEPCLIPS. It looks a little like Netflix because it is an on-demand training platform.

This training library is giving you access to top trainers from all over the world when you need it. The topics range from Marketing on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN and Pinterest to at home workouts, mindset, business growth etc. It is growing and expanding with more and more trainers who contribute.

Guess what if you are a content creator and want more exposure for your brand/business, YEPCLIPS provides that opportunity. There are some requirements to get featured on YEPCLIPS, if you want more information about that comment below.

Another training opportunity is our 5-Day YEP to Freedom Challenge. Here we take entrepreneurs through 5 days of training they take action on each day.

  1. Benefits of a Laptop Lifestyle
  2. Requirements of an Entrepreneur
  3. Journey to Freedom
  4. Marketing Secrets
  5. Define Your Perfect Client

These 5 days are packed with so much value. We have had guest speakers such as Les Brown, Kevin Harrington, James Malinchak and Steve Mandell join our already powerhouse group of trainers. It's a complementary challenge with upgrades available to go deeper in smaller groups and if you want the recordings of each day.

I've done a lot trainings in the past but, none have impacted me and my business as much as this one has

YEP Pillar 2

Getting new customers and retaining them is the same battle every business has to figure how to accomplish. How do you get your message out to more people how to continue to provide the best service and appreciate their customers.

YEP is paving the way and showing everyone how it's done. With high-end travel certificates that you can give away, as a member you have access to an unlimited resource to attract new customers and appreciate current ones.

  • Give-a-ways
  • Prizes at parties
  • Thank you/Appreciate
  • Birthdays/Anniversaries
  • Open houses/referrals/Closing a Deal
  • Etc., Etc, Etc

These travel certificates allow you to give people a chance to make memories. The ability to show appreciation for trusting you with their business.

BONUS – As a member of this amazing community you can use these certificates yourself and you have access to a premier discount shopping and travel platforms. You save yourself and your business more money when you travel. Just one more awesome perk!!!

YEP Pillar 3

Every Big Guru will tell you to have multiple streams of income. I know I have heard 7 different sources of revenue is a good number to aim at. As entrepreneurs we need to be looking at how to leverage different things we get involved in.

With YEP you have the ability to refer and earn. How many entrepreneurs do you know who would also benefit from trainings on demand, access to marketing tools and an extra stream of income???

I know all that is a lot to take in but, as I said in the beginning YEP is a project that is growing and attracting some millionaires and billionaires on our Advisory board.

Yep Bonus Pillar

Not only that but, our CMO is responsible for the UFC corporation being the multi-million dollar brand they are today.

She has seen so much value in YEP she not only joined our community but, she is now offering what is called ‘BRANDVALET”

‘BRANDVALET' offers world-class, corporate level solutions, including brand strategy, content, logo, website, ad design and copywriting to entrepreneurs, independent professionals and small businesses. Because our vision is to even the ground and help people make their dreams come true. There is nothing like BrandValet in the market.

Not done yet…….

YEP Bonus Pillar 2

FLUX was recently introduced and people are in love with it!!!

  • Reusable/ Recyclable/ Biodegradable Additive superior to standard pollution bottles.
  • Use up to 1,000 times before recycling
  • Pet and Phthalate Free
  • Customizable by changing full body skins on the bottle
  • 100% activated carbon cloth water filter

That's not all. You can add nutrition that doesn't get watered down. There are these tablets called vibes that go in the chamber that the water runs over before your drink it instead of being dissolved in the water.

We have vibes for weight loss, healthy energy and restful sleep. They are all natural and clinically tested.

That's a lot to take in and one of the things I love about this Project is there are parts for everyone. Look at the different things YEP offers and pick your favorite. Pick what resonates with you and will help you build the business for you.

Some people want to do it all and some people just want to use the travel incentives to scale their business.

YEP has been built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Meaning, we understand the struggles of starting a business and the costs that are involved.

Keeping the costs affordable is very important to us. Although some of the individual trainings in YEPCLIPS alone would cost you over $5000/ each if you were to purchase it outside of YEP. But, you won't spend that much with us.

We have 3 levels of membership and we always encourage people to get in where you fit in.

We don't want to be the best company in the world we want to be the best company for the world.

PS. Did I mention we are also a publicly traded company and our members will be able to earn stock (another stream of income).

When you click that button you will have the opportunity to watch a video to hear more about YEP and how it can help you build and/or scale your business.

Any questions please let me know or if you now someone who might benefit from YEP's resources and exposure please share on your favorite Social Media site.

To your Success


PS. if you would be interested in the 5 -Day to Freedom challenge check it out here.

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    • Jeanne

      Are you working with anyone in Atlanta? lots of entrepreneurs down there.

      • Heidi Albertson

        We are a global entrepreneur community so YES. Actually my mentor lives in GA.

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