When I've heard the term Mastermind before, I always thought it was something for really high achievers who are making the 6-7 figure incomes and beyond.

You often hear Masterminds with a dollar amount “$25,000 Mastermind” or “$50,000 Mastermind”

With titles like that I've never thought I could or would be part of a mastermind anything. Even if money wasn't the factor I have felt they were just way out of my league of knowledge, experience, skills, abilities, etc. You name it I felt I didn't have it.

I have learned recently from one of those people whom I had put on a pedestal that a Mastermind is what you and a group of like-minded people bring to the group.

Masterminds at different levels help each of you to dig deeper and realize you have more wisdom more knowledge and more skills than you believe you do.

Collaborating together, lifting each other up, sharing knowledge and each of us becoming leaders and stepping into something we didn't know we were good enough for.

We each have spent thousands and thousands of dollars/pounds on education and sharing that education with each other compounds the value of all that we have learned.

Several months ago I thought I joined an entrepreneur community that would help me with marketing and some limiting beliefs I was struggling with.

I did not understand the value of what I just signed up for…….

I have grown more in my personal development, my confidence, my commitment, my ability to follow through and get it done. There is laughter, frustration, confusion and yes tears but, no one is left behind. Not only are they not left behind they will be pushed to keep up.

It's one thing to be in or own a great company it's another thing to belong to a team that Masterminds together every week to build up our businesses and us as individuals.

I've come to understand I am good enough for a Mastermind and the knowledge that I have is empowering others and helping them overcome their limiting beliefs!!!

Are you ready and looking to level up your business??

Would Masterminding with like-minded entrepreneurs that have combined knowledge worth 100's of thousands of dollars be worth your time??

The Mastermind is waiting for you. Step into your greatness!!


    3 replies to "What Exactly is a Mastermind??"

    • Katrina

      I love this. It took me a while to understand also that masterminds come in all levels of commitments. I love that together we learn and together we all achieve more.

      Thank you for being an amazing leader in this mastermind. Learning so much from you.

    • Alice Gerard

      I am a freelance journalist. Don't know if I have much wisdom. Probably because I'm too close to myself to be aware of it. Can't be objective about me. Nevertheless, this sounds like an interesting concept for people to grow in busines.

      • Heidi Albertson

        You have more wisdom than you realize. It's knowing how to get it out. It will come when it's needed and required.

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