More people became entrepreneurs in 2020 due to the World Wide Pandemic of Covid 19.  Many of those people have found success outside of the traditional workplace.

Some people have struggled.  I believe sometimes we set people up for failure.  In the traditional Network Marketing niche we told it's easy – just share the product with your friends and family.  We're told everyone will love the product and it's easy to share.  

We've also been told you can build a sustainable business in the pockets of your day.  Although I do think you can build a business while working a job it's a lot of work and you have to be committed to it.  

Understanding what it really takes to be a successful entrepreneur so you can set yourself up for success and not so much disappointment.  Having the right expectations for yourself and your family is a good place to start.  

I have had the privilege of being part of an entrepreneur community where I have access to mentorship, training on many topics and Social Media platforms, Marketing incentives and people who have my back.  

This Community has a mission that aligns with me.

 ‘We don't want to be the best company in the World.  We want to be the best company FOR the World.'  

This community has attracted Billionaires like James Malinchak from ABC's Secret Millionaire, who you will see in the video below.  Also, Kevin Harrington the original shark from Shark Tank and Steve Mandell founder of Gameplan Entertainment.  

The thing that has been making a major impact on new and experienced entrepreneurs is the YEP to Freedom 5-day challenge.  

This is a complementary challenge that is full of valuable information.  The video below is snippets of Day 3 and participants reactions and takeaways from it.  

We do this challenge every couple of weeks so if you missed the most recent one go ahead and sign up and you will get notified when the next one will start.  

James Malinchak says the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make is not investing in mentorship.  Other's experiences are the best teachers!!

Please leave me a message if you sign up so I know to look for you.  

I look forward to seeing you reach your goals and achieve more than you thought you could!!!


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    1 Response to "What Does it Really Take to be an Entrepreneur??"

    • Jeanine Byers

      I think you're right, that it's a mistake to tell people that it's going to be easy. We need to be mentored by people who have a proven system that's easy to duplicate.

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