No core competency can overcome bad character.

Beyond integrity and a strong work ethic, how are successful people different from unsuccessful people?

One thing successful people understand is they see themselves as an economic product on the open market.

I know that sounds strange but, bear with me as we unpack this.

Most successful people view themselves as an economic product on the open market and, they are obsessed with getting people a strong return on the investment made in them.

I am not referring to a person's intrinsic value as a human being but, rather their value in the modern economy.

Think about the people you respect and what kind of performance do they have?

We love the athletes who perform at the top levels and we pay a premium to watch them. We love the actresses and actors who make us laugh or cry and we pay to see them perform. We also love the businesses who sell us products that solve whatever problem we need them for.

Just like those top performers you can be worthy of the time or financial investment. When you walk into a room do people know they can count on you?

So, how do we become successful? By making other people successful!!

If you as an investment get a return you will attract customers, team members and reap the promotions and greater compensation.

If you want to know how to go about doing all that I suggest you pick up Donald Miller's new book Business Made Simple. (It even has free videos available for each chapter.)

The value we add to the marketplace whether it be as an employee or a business owner will come back to you one way or another. Make it valuable!!

To your success,


    2 replies to "Value Driven Professionals see Themselves as an Economic Product on the Open Market"

    • vidya

      thank you for another insightful post that makes me evaluate myself and rethink strategies..
      and i will check out that book

    • Florence Callender

      What a novel and lovely way to look at the successful person – as "an economic product on the open market." I like this and will give some more thought. Thanks for the book suggestion.

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