Unlock the Secrets of your Perfect Customer

Is knowing and understanding your perfect customer (often referred to as customer avatar) really that important and worth spending time on??

Does it have an impact on your leads, traffic, and sales??

The answer to those questions is found in looking at successful company's marketing campaigns.


Who does Nike market to? Bird watchers, hikers, or high-achieving athletes?? Although they market directly to high-achieving athletes you will find their merchandise on a variety of consumers. Many athletes buy their merchandise, but you will find just as many non-athletes buying it too. Their message is direct and other people can see the benefits for themselves too.


Lowe's has different niches they market to for different areas of their business. Different, distinct, but also similar. Marketing specifically to contractors, lovers of DIY (Do it Yourself) projects, and the homeowner. When you have distinctly different aspects of your business, you also have marketing campaigns that speak to specific, but differentcustomers.

As a result, these two companies have specific ‘Perfect Customers' their marketing is speaking to, but at the same time, the consumers who are buying their products are from all demographics and interests.

Having a clear understanding of your ‘Perfect Customer' is the foundation of building your business. All your marketing, products, and services you offer are dependant on knowing who you are serving.

Marketing is all about emotionally connecting with your audience. Fully understanding their struggles, desires, and what motivates them to buy something.

I'm inviting you to my 4 part webinar that will create clarity around:

  • What it is they currently are focused on…
  • The immediate results are they looking for…
  • What frustrations are holding them back…
  • That far out dream they barely dare to talk about…
  • How does all that information fit into your marketing content?

I can't tell you right now that you will be able to attract all the highly qualified leads and buyers who are looking for your product or services, but what would life be like if you could?? Attracting those leads and connecting with them leads to repeat buyers….

What I can tell you is I will give you all the tidbits that will enable you to write content with language that your Perfect Customer responds to. With a foundation like that, you will attract your perfect customers and make those consistent sales.

Once you see results, it becomes an addiction!!

We will Clarify the relationship between your Avatar, sales copy/content, and your offer. (No more wasting time on content that doesn't connect with your audience 🤩)

Where those 3 intersect is where you connect with your perfect customer and make sales 💵.

Sign up for this limited-time offer at the Black Friday Price (with extra bonuses for the first 10 who enroll) for the month of November. You will be ready to rock the new year and start off with a bang!!

Join now: Unlock the Secrets to Your Perfect Customer

To Your Success,

Heidi Albertson 🤩

PS. Understanding who your Perfect Customer is the foundation of your business. Build a strong foundation so your business will not only thrive but find success beyond your wildest dream. Join today:Unlock the Secrets to Your Perfect Customer

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    • Lily Leung

      Very interesting and useful, Heidi. Too bad I am not an entrepreneur.

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