The more I use Pinterest the more I love Pinterest!!

I have been asked recently to write more about using Pinterest to grow your business. Many people that I have come in contact with use Pinterest personally for recipes, crafts, DIY, gardening, and such.

Pinterest is great for all those things. Also, if you're observant most of those pins that are effective lead directly to a blog or even a sales page. When you're searching for something on Pinterest you are usually looking for directions, instructions, or looking to buy it.

That's why Pinterest is so good for business. Pinterest has been rated the 3rd largest search engine (After Google and YouTube).

It has a purpose!! That purpose is to drive traffic back to your website or sales pages. Every pin should go somewhere and be strategic with your SEO Keywords is how you become successful. (More about that here)

How do you get started on Pinterest??

The first thing every business needs is a Pinterest Business account. It's free to get started and gets your business going in the right direction.

It's pretty straightforward to set up. If you want information on incorporating keywords check out this blog post 3 Must Know Pinterest SEO Tips

After your account is set up the fun begins.

Pinterest Boards

The first thing to focus on is creating your boards. Boards are like cork board you pin ideas to. Each idea has it's own board. You have different names and sections for each one:

  • Products Board
  • Services Board
  • Blog Board
  • About Me Board
  • Products your recommend
  • ETC.


Creating pins to go one your boards. You want to be intentional with your pins. Make them congruent with where you are taking the Pinner who clicks on them. This is called ‘Market to message match'. What the pin represents is where it should take them.

  • Pins should be clear in their message
  • Graphics need to be clear and high quality
  • Think of them as mini bill boards
  • Pins have to be saved to a board

Funnel Marketing

Pins that are the most effective on Pinterest lead the Pinner somewhere they can get more information, a freebie offer, or even to buy something. This is called a funnel in the marketing world.

Funnels can be simple or a bit more complex.

A simple funnel:

Might be a pin that leads directly to a sale page where the Pinner can buy something. A great example of this is the Etsy website.

A complex funnel:

Might look like an optin page to collect their email -> to a sale offer -> to a purchase page with an email follow up.

Pinterest is a great tool to get found on. When used effectively it can be quite powerful. There are a lot of tools and resources for Pinterest and selling, but the one that I have learned from and highly recommend and when Pinterest has rated her in the top 5 Pinterest strategists why wouldn't you want to learn from her??? Pinterest Ingredients Course

To your success,

Heidi J Albertson

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    4 replies to "The Power of Pinterest for Any Business!"

    • Trine

      I love this post. Great tips. Definitely saving this for future reference.

      • Heidi Albertson

        Glad you got value from Trine!! Pinterest has been a really neat platform to learn about and grow my business.

    • Florence Callender

      Many years ago, I created a Pinterest account. Sadly, I never found the time to learn how to use it. Armed with your information, I feel a little more knowledgeable and will add it to my list of things to improve on. Thanks, Heidi.

      • Heidi Albertson

        Awesome Florence. I have loved Pinterest both personally and for my business. It does take a little bit of to learn how to use it effectively, but I love the search aspect of it.

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