I have always had an entrepreneur spirit.  Although I went to college it was mostly because that was what was expected.  I loved my time at college but, I was never looking to go work for someone else.  My degree is accounting which has come in very handy with all the businesses I and my family have owned. 

I have owned several businesses over the years.  I think it is very important and I believe this year has shown this to many business owners is the ability to pivot in your life and business. 

My first venture into business building was with my husband and his brother buying a lawnmower shop.  We built that from a floundering business to the most sought out lawn mower shop in the area. 

The Community we had there was family who had done this before to help us along the way.

The first time I had to really pivot in my life happened and my husband passed away from Colon Cancer.  Considering that situation would require its own post I’m not going into here.  Life was not happening according my plan but, my God knew that and helped me eventually figure out how to pivot and find my new plan.

The Community I had during that time in my life was my church family who loved, cherished, served and allowed us time to heal. 

The next time I ventured into entrepreneurship was with my new husband and investing in the Real Estate market.  We bought some properties to hold and rent out and some properties we fixed up and resold.  That is a business we both really enjoyed.  It certainly has its ups and downs and skills that are needed to learn.  

We bought courses and even paid for a mentor to hang out with us for a weekend in our area to check out the real estate market. 

We struggled with these ventures and I believe it’s because we lacked a Community supporting us. 

I tried different Network marketing companies and Direct Sales companies over the years.  Although I loved the products and the companies had great training I couldn’t really grasp and make a profit with selling the products or building a team. 

I came across an ad on Facebook and to be honest I had seen the ad several times.  (Like how FB does that….).  The ad was for a 10-day Bootcamp to learn Attraction Marketing all online. It talked about attracting customers and team members without ever pitching a sales presentation.

Well, that sounded great to me.  Especially since the few sales presentations I tried flopped royally!!!

After, all the upsells and eventually many thousands of dollars I loved the strategy of Attraction Marketing but, the tactics they were teaching didn’t work out for me. 

I did learn a lot and gained many skills.  The best part though was the people I met. 

Through the people I met in that organization led me an Entrepreneurial Community that I am building a solid sustainable business with. 

Not only are they teaching me skills.  When I struggle with a concept, they are there to look at it with me and help me understand.  We talk through scenarios and share tools and resources with each other. 

No one is left on their own to figure it out.  Of course, we are all entrepreneurs and there are many ways to do the same thing. 

New ideas are encouraged and explored.  This Community has created a Project and that Project is growing and expanding with multiple ways for it’s members to make more streams of income. 

Having a Community of like-minded people who care about your growth is empowering and getting the privilege to be a part of this has helped me overcome things that have been holding me back. 

For me being an entrepreneur means I am in control of my paycheck, my time and my geographical location.  It doesn’t mean I am alone or have to do it alone. 

With a Community like this we laugh, joke, talk and work together.  We help each other grow and scale our businesses.  We have Big Dreams and Big Goals and I am personally inviting you to join us too!!!   The Young Entrepreneur Project

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    • Dre

      They say it takes a village and indeed surrounding oneself with like-minded people, no matter what venture, can only lift you. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

    • Elena Sherwood

      Wow what a rich life you've had and your passion for community and entrepeneurship is clear! Congrat on your new success!

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