Journey of an Entrepreneur

I've been told often to stop, slow down enjoy the journey. Part of me always wants to refute that. Of course, I enjoy it. Another part of me knows I push and push to get to the finish line in everything I do.

What does that even mean to stop, slow down and enjoy the journey of entrepreneurship?

I was on a hike with my husband recently (who is a photographer), he often reminds me to slow down and observe what is around me. I miss a lot on our hikes because I want to exercise and he tends to stop every 20 feet….

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How often do you find yourself doing that in your business too? Working hard to get that project done or working on the project and rushing through the process.

There is a balancing act of taking time to enjoy the journey, just dragging your feet or being paralyzed by indecision. Only you will know what is going on for you.

Taking your time while creating a course, workbook, or another product gives you the space to:

  • Notice things you might be missing
  • Time to learn while you create
  • Hear from your students

As an entrepreneur, wife, and mother I tend to put a lot in each day and go from one project to another and another.

Taking the time to enjoy something sometimes seems counterintuitive to me because time is a commodity we can't get more of.

But, enjoying the journey of an entrepreneur has proven to be more valuable than getting it all done just to say I got it done. I became an entrepreneur because I wanted to get more out of life and that involves enjoying what I am doing.

Enjoying the entrepreneur journey also involves evaluating what you are doing. As our world changes, digital media changes, and sometimes our own goals and desires change. As those things evolve we have to adjust our strategies and sometimes our business model.

A Fork in the road!

I love a good fork in the road. Sometimes choices are good and sometimes they can just confuse us.

Do choices give you freedom or cause you to get stuck in indecisiveness? The ability to make decisions is crucial to leadership in your business.

Mentorship is also crucial to your development and a mentor will help you to see things you might be missing. Here is a blog post I wrote about two incredible mentors in my life.

The journey of entrepreneurship is far from a straight path. It has many valleys and many mountaintops. The ability to learn from both and having the character of persistence will serve you well and help you to be unusually successful.

Through evaluation and looking at choices I'm not advocating or recommending chasing every opportunity that comes your way. What causes frustration is chasing one shiny object after another. Many online marketers do this when they jump from one company to the next.

What needs to happen is self-development. It’s not the companies, it’s the mindset, the focus, the willingness to make mistakes and keep going. It is a journey of entrepreneurship and journeys often have obstacles to overcome but, that doesn't mean the journey isn't amazing.

My questions and challenge to you are:

  • Are you enjoying the journey
  • Is the journey fulfulling you
  • Is the journey challenging you to be better
  • Do people around you see growth in you
  • Are you getting closer to your big hairy goals

I really hope you can answer positively to most or all of those questions because this really is an amazing journey.

While homeschooling my kids I fell in love with learning, unlike the drudgery it was when I was in school. At the same time, my own personal development became important because to be good for my children I had to keep improving myself.

If you're enjoying your journey or struggling to enjoy the journey due to frustrations or even if you don't know why I would love to get to know you and your business goals. Pick a time on my calendar and let's get to know one another and hopefully learn from each other!

To Your Success,

Heidi Albertson

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