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I had the privilege of watching my mentor de-escalate a situation that was being blown up and had the ability to really tear relationships apart. I knew she was upset about the situation, but she didn't let that show when she addressed the group.

She showed the ability to not only keep her cool but, she helped the whole team de-escalate and not blow up at each other. She not only helped save relationships the respect that we had for her already multiplied 10x.

Drama and dramatic people suck the energy from the environment onto themselves. It's one thing for that to be on stage or television, but in business or in real life it will kill relationships.

How do you become somebody who de-escalates rather than creates drama?

The key is to close the drama gap.

If a situation happens where someone spills something on a keyboard and you respond by throwing the computer across the room, that may be considered throwing the drama gap wide open…. You've slightly overreacted.

Here's the synopsis:

We respect people who react a little under, not over the level of drama a situation deserves. We trust people who remain calm and de-escalate drama.

De-escalating a situation requires you to remove yourself emotionally from the situation and respond like you are writing a script rather than living the script.

I was talking with my mentor right before she met with the group and I knew she was upset about what was going on. She showed us how to handle an emotionally charged situation with calmness and rationale. She took control of her emotions and de-escalated everyone around her.

I cannot express how much respect she gained from the whole team that day. The truth is, none of us have to be slaves to our emotions. We do not have to act on our emotions.

If you have enjoyed and gotten value from this Blog Post you can continue to read about this in Business Made Simple by Donald Miller.

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    6 replies to "The Impact of De-escalating Drama"

    • Kebba Buckley Button

      Heidi, yes! It's always good to de-escalate situations that are getting tense. I reset my own energy quickly, then speak in a calm and thoughtful way. It works!

      • Heidi Albertson

        Awesome. Take a deep breath and taking our own emotions out of the situation really helps. Thanks for commenting.

    • Alice Gerard

      Communication is the key to everything, in my opinion, and de-escalating emotional outbursts and drama can be a powerful tool in keeping the lines of communication open.

      • Heidi Albertson

        Absolutely. Being able to de-escalate a situation is a powerful tool.

    • Rachel Lavern

      First, I want to mention that I just learned of Donald Miller a few weeks ago and I have been enjoying his work thus far.

      It is especially important that we all learn how to de-escalate because so many people are living on the edge emotionally during this time. I've been saying for a year now, "we must show each other extra compassion these dates".

      • Heidi Albertson

        Yes, I think people's emotions are on edge even more now. Just be kind and have a little more mercy.

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