May 3, 2021

The first quarter of the year is already over. Time flies when you're having fun or have found a new or renewed passion for what you're doing.

This has been a different year for me for several reasons.

  • My first child has been married for a year
  • Another child went active duty with the Air Force
  • I only have one child at home….
  • I have taken new and uncomfortable steps in my business
  • Personal changes and business changes have created a mindset shift

I started out this year using the Law of Attraction planner. I've used planners before and start out great in the beginning of the year, but I also have never filled out all the questions or goals they have in the front of the book.

This year I am going through the planner with a group of entrepreneurs that are holding me accountable. We started with 3 meetings going through the ‘Front pages'!!

It asked important life questions, vision statement, mission statement, 50 goals in all areas of your life, vision board. Then it had us break it down even further. We had to choose our top 5 goals and why we want to achieve them in one year and set rewards for when we achieve them.

We had to work through each area of our lives determine where we are, where we are going and how we are getting there…

Some of those things were easy and some were more difficult than they should have been. I couldn't believe how difficult it was for me to come up with 50 goals. It made me realize I had stopped dreaming. I had stopped hoping for better things.

At the end of each month we get together and evaluate how our month went. We talk about what we achieved, big or small things. What we learned and what distracted us from our goals.

I've never been a fan of evaluations. I would get myself all worked up over looking at what I did. The fears of never being good enough would over whelm me. It was like getting that report card from school and not getting the grades that were expected from you.

However, I can't say these evaluations are awesome or incredible and I can't wait to do them. I can say they are healthy, effective and help me to head into a new month with a new vision.

The evaluations themselves have helped me to see the growth in my mindset, personal life and business. I haven't necessarily met all my goals each month, but I have evaluated and tweaked and keep getting closer. I am accomplishing and growing and loving all of it!!!

To Your Success,

Heidi 😉

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About the author 

Heidi Albertson

I spent eighteen years homeschooling my children, while learning entrepreneur skills at the same time.  Now that my children are grown, I've taken that knowledge and developed a business to help other moms tap into their own super powers and become successful entrepreneurs themselves!

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  1. I like the idea of evaluations! I need to get focused on my monthly personal life. Since we " retired" hubby and ainhabe been more busy them ever and it seems like I can't get my mind organized. I'm going to take your lead and see what I can come up with on a smaller scale.

  2. That's great!! I can see how that kind of mastermind would be helpful. Even just having a practice of setting monthly goals and evaluating them at the end is a good idea! That would be a good thing to do in my journal.

  3. I have an accountability partner for swimming. She calls me and then drags me out of the house to exercise in the pool. I love the pool so I don’t know why it takes Karen to get me there.

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