I saw this today and not only did it make me laugh but, it reminded of all the times I have felt like I was spinning my wheels trying to figure out how to conduct business in the different businesses we have had over the years.

Sometimes it felt like there were rules being made up behind our backs that we were not aware of. We often found ourselves knowing just enough information to get in trouble. We hired agency's to help us out and they were often giving us information on an as needed basis or after something was messed up.

I have learned a lot over the years from being in Real Estate investing from flipping houses, renovations, and rentals. We've also had a photography business and a Hot Shot trucking business. All these businesses have taught me things and made me realize how much I still didn't know. Not because I didn't research or do my due diligence but, because there are a lot of little things that you figure out along the way the longer you are in it.

Now I am in a marketing business and although I have received a lot of training and mentorship there are short cuts and new websites or apps that are coming out all the time.

The one thing that has helped me the most keeping up with new ideas and new tools has been masterminding with like minded entrepreneurs.

If I had had other people who were also working in the other businesses to collaborate with I whole heartedly believe our experiences would have been 100x better.

The power of the mastermind to impact your business is hard for me to necessarily put a dollar amount on but, the time and aggravation that it has saved me is incredible. We share shortcuts and tools that we use that have made tasks easier and more efficient. If there is one thing that shortens the time it takes to learn all the things is the mastermind.

The topics that get brought up and the direction the conversations go in can only come out of a mastermind meeting. The knowledge that is shared has empowered those of us there and impacted not only our businesses but, our lives too.

There is a lot of knowledge in our heads but, so often we don't know what we don't know until someone asks that magical question and the knowledge comes out of someone's brain.

Have you been a part of a Mastermind or would you like to hear more about one. Comment down below I would love to chat more.

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    • Alice Gerard

      I would readily admit that I am pretty clueless about marketing. For sure, connecting with people who have similar goals to yours would be helpful in brainstorming new ideas and getting more business.

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