I am participating in a 30 Day Blog challenge and today the suggested idea was to share a picture you really like and talk about it. I am actually going to share 2 pictures.

These pictures are of my children a few years ago. Of course my children are special to me but, these pictures show a glimpse into their personalities and how much my sons love their sister.

My daughter is the middle child but, she is anything except forgotten about or lacking for attention. Her brothers have doted on her and have listened to her more than anyone else their whole lives.

They played with her, protected her and loved her. Often she was the only one who get them to do something they didn't want to do.

This was something that somewhat happened naturally due to personality traits but, also very intentional parenting.

My mom sometimes accused me of being extra hard on my boys due to my relationship with my brother. The relationship my children have is special and when they were very little it was being groomed into them.

I know for some people this is natural and assumed to be something that will happen. When it never happened for me but, instead was the polar opposite. I don't I realized the impact it had on me until I had my own kids. At times I still need to work on the impact it had on me.

We often take to parenting our own kids based on if we thought our parents were too strict or not strict enough. I definitely leaned on the stricter side and intentional parenting.

We always want for our kids something we felt we lacked and for me that was the relationship with my brother that became uber important in my mind for my children.

These pictures make me smile and warm my heart knowing how real the love is between them.

Just a glimpse into my life and my of course, beautiful, children. I would love to hear something about your children or children in your life that brings joy to your heart.

This is me,


    2 replies to "My Peeps who are Near and Dear to my Heart"

    • Kebba Buckley Button

      Heidi, what lovely pictures and what lovely children. I'm a middle child, so I'm delighted to hear how well your daughter and her brothers related. What joy!

    • Elisa

      Beautiful photos of your children. I also think it is great when siblings get along so well. Yes, there are still fights with my kids but they know they have each other's back. It's a wonderful thing to witness. Good job, Mom! 🙂

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