Building a business whether it be a brick-and-mortar storefront or marketing your business online require resources and tools.  Some consider Masterminds only for the top Elite who can afford them.  I have experienced Masterminds with entrepreneurs on all levels as I will share in this Blog Post.

This post has affiliate links that if you choose to purchase or join I will earn a commission at no cost to you.  

Probably the most popular tool I use on a daily business is Facebook.  Facebook has become the biggest marketplace for new businesses.  Whether you’re a coach, have products to sell or share marketing strategies for others the newsfeed is noisy and often spammy. 

There are a lot of Facebook groups for many different niches.  I really do enjoy the groups to connect with other entrepreneurs and collaborate.  You never know when you can fill a need they have, or they might be able to help with something you’re struggling with. 

Building a relationship with someone is important and too often overlooked.  We must remember Facebook is first and foremost intended to be a Social Platform and Facebook’s algorithm looks for engagement between its members do not link put in to take them off the platform. 

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Another Social platform I’ve been learning is MeWe.  It’s very similar to the feel of Facebook but, it does not have advertisements and does not sell your information for their gain.  They do have a free option but, there is a paid option for things like live videos and more posting options. 

MeWe also has groups that you can create and follow.  At this point I am still learning and exploring this option but, I have heard it is the way Social Media is going especially if you don’t want your personal information sold.

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Pinterest is quickly becoming my favorite resource to use.  I love the search engine of Pinterest.  People go there to look for ideas, products, information, etc.  Learning exactly what people are searching for and understanding Keywords is critical for success on Pinterest. 

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If you want to learn how to use Pinterest here is the course i recommend:  Pinning Ingredients

Going along with Pinterest is a website called Tailwind.  Tailwind is especially useful for those who love automation!!  You can preschedule your Pins to go out on the Pinterest platform for over a month at a time.  It has been an amazing time saver for me.  There are many things you can do with Tailwind check it out if you use Pinterest.

This is where one of the best Masterminds I have been a part of comes in.  Chef Katrina who is one the top 5 Pinterest trainers in the world hosts this every week.  We bring what we are working on to share and get feedback from Chef Katrina and other entrepreneurs.  It’s amazes me every time someone shares something, they think everyone knows but, then find out how incredibly helpful it was for the others.  I love that we get to share our knowledge to empower others.

One of my favorite tools I use almost every day is Canva.  It is a website and app that allows you to create graphics.  They have templates, photos, elements, backgrounds, many fonts already for you to use.  They have templates with just the right size graphic that you can create yourself with photos you upload, and they have pre-done templates you can customize.  There is so much you can do with Canva if you enjoy creating graphics you will love this platform. 

For those who want to incorporate video in their marketing but, don’t always want to be in the video there is  It is an easy video maker.  You can make short 15 second videos to much longer ones.  Like Canva it has a free version and a paid version.  It also has photos you can use, or you can upload your own.  It’s really fun to play around with and create videos for many uses. 

The biggest and most impactful tool I’ve been using recently is actually a Community of Entrepreneurs.  Like the Mastermind I mentioned above being in a community of like-minded entrepreneurs sharing their knowledge, pushing you to do more than you thought you could do, sharing resources, and expertise.  I cannot tell you how empowering this is. 

It’s one thing when you start a new venture.  It’s exciting and you're crazy motivated and on fire to get it going fast.  After some time, it’s hard to always stay as motivated.  When you have a community that meets together regularly to Mastermind you stay close to the energy and the motivation keeps getting renewed!!

This Community not only has the opportunity to hold Masterminds but, they provide marketing incentives, and right now 3 different ways for their members to create streams of income.  I say right now because the Community has created a Project that is growing.

 This Project has attracted investors and trainers like Keith Harrington who was the original Shark from Shark Tank and James Malinchak who was one of the millionaires from ABC’s Secret Millionaire.  They have been so impressed they are on the Advisory board for the Community. 

If you want to step into your greatness and have a Community of Entrepreneurs to help you build and scale whatever business, you are working on check us out here: The Young Entrepreneur Project (YEP)

These are just a few of the tools and resources I use.  There are sooo many I will make another blog of more another day.  

I wish you the most success


    5 replies to "Some Resources, Tools & Masterminds I use to Build my Business"

    • Katrina

      Love this blog post Heidi! You share some amazing resources and tools! Thank you for this!

    • Lily Leung

      Thanks for all this great info Heidi. I am retired and I don't have a business but who knows. I love learning.

    • chef William

      Great information = It is nice that you share what each tool is used for, it gives me an idea as to what to expect when I add one of two that I am not using yet. I will be looking for part two of this article when you post it. Thanks

    • Florence Callender

      This is a very useful resource for me. Some I use, others I've heard about but not yet experienced, and still others I never heard of. Thank you.

    • Doug

      Hi Heidi
      Thanks for the list of other platforms I can explore when I am finished with this challenge.

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