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When we think of Social Media sites like Facebook, Instagram, maybe even MeWe comes to mind.

This past year many people have taken their traditional businesses and brought them online. Predominately to Facebook which is a Social Media Platform. Although Facebook unquestionably has the biggest audience and most of our friends and families are there.

Facebook has also set up some great features like business pages and groups where you can find a lot of people with similar interests. The business pages and the groups are great places to build relationships and get to know a lot more people in the online world.

Building your business using social media takes some skills to do it right. It also takes time. You can shorten that time with automation if you invest in advertising and use a business page.

We have to consider though why people get on Facebook in the first place. Is it to look for their favorite product or see what promotions are going on today? Or are they coming to see what their friends are posting about, catch up with family maybe even check out some news. Although people do buy from the ads most of the time that is not their purpose in getting on.

Search Marketing

When we think of search marketing sites like Google, Pinterest and YouTube comes to mind.

When people visit these sites they are specifically searching for something. Whether it's a product, recipe, DIY instructions, gardening, business ideas, motivational quotes, etc. The list is really unending in what people are searching for.

The main thing is if you are marketing your product or business opportunity and people find you it's because they were looking for it. Unlike Social Media where ads just get put in front of you. On search platforms, the words or phrases you search is what is going to come up. (SEO – Search Engine Optimization)

One of my favorite things about search platforms is the authenticity of selling or promoting on the platform. You clearly describe what you are promoting and what it is. Pinterest is what I am most familiar with and it values all the information. If you are an affiliate for something that needs to be stated.

Pinterest also encourages automation!! They like it so much they have partnered with a platform called Tailwind! In Tailwind you can not only schedule your pins to be pinned many months in advance you can also join Tribes. Within Tribes, you can share other people's pins that are congruent with your boards and have the opportunity for them to share your pins. Therefore you give and receive more exposure to each other.


Businesses are growing on both types of platforms it really depends on you and how you like to market. What features resonate with you and your brand. I am on both, but I really have come to love the power of Search Marketing and using SEO so the people who find you are receiving what they were searching for.

When you are wanting to market on any platform I have found I waste a lot of time trying to figure it out on my own. When I started to get intrigued by Pinterest and search marketing I was fortunate to have already been exposed to Chef Katrina's style of training and knew I could learn from her. One of her superpowers is making things that appear complex simple to understand.

You can check out more about her here in this free webinar she did on how you can use Pinterest to grow any business.

To your success,

Heidi 😉

    6 replies to "Social Marketing vs. Search Marketing"

    • Elisa

      Pinterest has always been a mystery to me, but I will take another look at it and give it some thought.

      • Heidi Albertson

        It's a pretty cool platform. It takes a bit to learn the skills, but I love it!!

    • Marc Cohen

      This is very helpful. As someone who is still learning how best to advertise online, I now have a better understanding. Thanks!

    • Victoria Juster

      I'm going to Pinterest right now to check it out. Thanks, Heidi!

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