February 28, 2021

In life most of our days turn out in the positive so why is it we fear it not going well??

We as humans are very good at assessing and avoiding threats.

We step away from the edge of a cliff, we avoid getting caught on fire, we're good at assessing when someone is dangerous.

If we weren't we would probably be dead.

We're good at avoiding embarrassing situations and risky endeavors that we could fail at, as that could cost us the resources we need to survive.

People who live their lives with more sensitivity to the risk/reword lens do tend to live more secure lives. They lose less because they risk less.


If we live in such a way to avoid all risk it has a tendency to come off as cynicism. When someone talks about a goal or a dream a cynic might roll their eyes without even thinking about it.

It's more likely they are afraid to risk and that fear comes off as cynicism.

It's true not every opportunity we try will be successful, but the more optimistic you are the more you enjoy the experience of trying.


The more optimistic you are the more you are willing to try. The more you try the more often you experience success.

When you meet a successful person you have also met someone who has failed more than most. When you meet an unsuccessful person you have met someone who quit trying after experiencing failure.

I know it sounds counterintuitive, but successful people have failed more often than unsuccessful people. They didn't focus on the failure, but got back up and tried again.

“A value-driven professional knows that relentless optimism gives them a higher percentage chance of experiencing more success in work and life” – Donald Miller – Business Made Simple

Personally Relating

I have often been accused of being optimistic inspite of the obvious. I've experienced plenty of failure in my life, but although it has bothered me it's never gotten me so down I couldn't see the next opportunity to try again.

One of the things that has helped me and so many others is being part of an entrepreneur community. If being around optimistic people helps you to see the next opportunity and how you might do it differently so you will succeed next time.

I invite you check out The Young Entrepreneur Project, and link arms with Team on Fire!! No one is left behind and entrepreneurs are rising up and making an impact in the world.

To Your Success,


About the author 

Heidi Albertson

I spent eighteen years homeschooling my children, while learning entrepreneur skills at the same time.  Now that my children are grown, I've taken that knowledge and developed a business to help other moms tap into their own super powers and become successful entrepreneurs themselves!

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  1. Love this blog post! And it is true, I've had more failures, setbacks, and oops than most people. And each one of those has been a learning experience that made a profound difference in my business moving forward.

    Being part of an entrepreneurial community is key and those that attempt to do this on their own without that support tend to struggle the longest.

    Wishing you continued success and love watching your business grow. You are an amazing leader.

    1. Thanks Katrina!! Learning to look at failures and setbacks as learning experiences and how to evaluate them effectively has been a great leap in my growth.

      Having the support, encouragement and leadership from the entrepreneur community is helping me in more ways than can count.

      Love learning and growing with you!!

  2. When I think of things like failing forward, and what are saying about successful people having failed more, before becoming successful, I think of Albert Einstein. Optimism, enthusiasm, determination ans persistence can all help when success is your goal. Thanks for your encouraging post!

    1. Yes, I often think of people like Einstein and Abraham Lincoln. They failed so many times most people would have given up. They learned from each mistake and did better next time.

  3. I have, at times, been accused of being unrealistically optimistic, but that does not bother me. I choose to be optimistic because I know it is a healthier option. I believe in God and trust that everything I experience is first approved by Him, so whatever comes, good or bad, I accept and keep on going.

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