Discover Your Perfect Client Avatar

Discover your perfect client

Knowing who your Perfect Client (ideal customer avatar) is, is crucial for your business. the perfect client worksheet will help you to create content your audience will resonate with.

If you want to get your messaging right and ensure your copy writing is resonating with the right people, then take some time to create your perfect Customer Avatar. Get to know this person intimately and you will be on track with targeting the right people with your content.

Coaching with Heidi

Going deeper and dissecting the pains/problems, desires/dreams, language of your perfect Avatar. Understanding this is key to effective marketing. Empowering you to speak directly to your audience!

Let's dive into your goals, your unique audience, and how your core values serve your audience!!

Coaching with Heidi

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Other Resources that make building a business a tad bit easier:

Canva– is probably my favorite tool and the one I use the most.  I create graphics for business and personal use.  It's extremely user friendly.  It has a free version which I recommend you start with and see how many of the pro features you would use before upgrading.  Here is a link for you to access it:  Canva Graphics Creator


Tailwind– Automation is extremely important for any business.  If you're using Pinterest they have partnered with an amazing platform called Tailwind.  Tailwind not only lets you schedule pins out for months at a time it also gives you the times your audience is active so you can post effectively.  To find out more about this amazing tool go here:  Tailwind Automation for Pinterest and Instagram