Resources I personally use & helped me to grow my business

There are a crazy amount of resources and tools for building your business online.  I have tested and used all these and weeded out the excess that don't add more value or automation.  

Perfect customer

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BANK Personality Profiling
Crack Your Bank Code in 90 Seconds
Never Run out of blog Post ideas again

Planning Your Blog Content Consistently Without The Struggle!

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That Perfect Mug!!
The one You pull out every time it's clean

A mug can say a million things:

It can make you smile or laugh out loud
It makes you think of that favorite person who bought it for you
It brings up memories of those special people in your life.

 The Most Useful Resources Saving You Time and Money

If you've ever been to an Homeschool Expo where every vendor is there selling their product or service then you know what I mean by being overwhelmed with choices.  I had that feeling when I went to Conferences/Expos and the same feeling with Marketing my business online.  I haven't been to a physical Expo like I did with Homeschooling but, the idea is the same when you start looking up resources for marketing your business online.  You will receive all kinds of ads in your social media feeds.  

I am going to help you cut through that overwhelm, saving you time and money.  I have tried and tested a lot of products and services.  I will share the bet ones with you.  So that you can save time, money and limit frustrations.  

Below are my favorite tools, resources and how to implement effectively.  



Canva is that tool that every marketer needs.  I use it for my business almost every day and personally quite often too.  There are other graphic creating websites but, Canva has proven to be the most user friendly and cost effective that I have found.  You can use the FREE service until you fall in love with it and realize how much you have been missing 😉



 Automation is extremely important for any business.  If you're using Pinterest they have partnered with an amazing platform called Tailwind.  Tailwind not only lets you schedule pins out for months at a time it also gives you the times your audience is active so you can post effectively.  To find out more about this amazing tool go here:  Tailwind Automation for Pinterest and Instagram

Law of Attraction Planner

Law of Attraction Planner

Law of Attraction Planner - We all makes goals or New Year's Resolutions but, honestly after you make those goals how often do we reach them and evaluate why or why not??  I have used a lot planners, calendars, journals... some I have loved but, none have made as big of a difference in my business and my life as this one.  The biggest reason is I actually filled it out (gasp I know) with a group of amazing entrepreneurs and we hold each other accountable every month.  This planner like none other asks you pertinent questions to evaluate your efforts and actions that you took and distractions that blocked you.  

Join the Accountability group here

Truth Bomb Marketing

Truth Bomb Playground

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