17 Blog Post Formulas

Blogging is supposed to be easy right…..

We don't have to follow all the grammar rules we struggled with right…..

Why do I stare at a blank computer screen for so long…..

I've downloaded or copied lists of Blog Post Ideas and some are great, some don't work for my niche….

I know blogs are important for my digital business because….

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77% of internet users read blogs

Knowing you need a blog and actually writing one can be challenging for those who are not natural writers.

As I love to relate building my business with lessons I learned homeschooling, my children. Here is the mash up of styles we have in our family:

With one child I could just give a Generic topic to and she could write all day. Another one I had to give a specific topic so he could structure his time and efficiency. My last child didn't want a topic at all, but the freedom to write about what interested him.

Having 3 children with 3 distinct learning and writing styles always challenged my creativity to help them achieve thier goals.

Working with my kids differences made teaching them interesting, also very entertaining at times. Overall your writing style preference is unique to you, but your content needs to be relevant to your audience with easy-to-understand, reasonable and actionable information.

Blog traffic can increase to about 2,000% through quality content

Coming up with quality content every day, week, or month depending on how often you blog can get overwhelming.

When you have a place to start from it begins to simplify the process. Smart and useful resources are worth every dollar invested in them.

Instead of creating a list of ideas or topics that may or may not work for you. I've created a list of 17 Blog Post Formulas that can be used in every niche.

Simple Formulas

These formulas include blogs with the ‘How-to' headline and the close cousin the ‘listicle' blog post which happens to be the third most popular headline preference according to Google.

Having quality written content is one thing. Another piece of the blog that drives 94% more views and shares is adding images. You have your feature image and adding one or more images to the body of your blog makes your blog easier to read and gets a lot more shares.

My favorite resource for this is Canva. There is a free version I encourage you to try out and then upgrade when you discover you can't live without it. Canva has turned into my playground. It's my absolute favorite resource and I will be doing a few tutorials on using it soon. I use it for everything personal and business.

Time to End Writer's Block

If you're ready to write more blogs without the struggle of content ideas grab this ebook now:

17 Blog Post Formulas

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I hope you get a lot of value from this ebook and an endless amount of Blog Post Ideas.

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Never Run out of blog Post ideas again

To your success,

Heidi 🤩

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