Inspirational quotes when the extra Motivation is needed

Some days we just need to a little more motivation than others. 

These 10 quotes have inspired me in my business pursuits and in my personal life.

I hope you find value in them also.

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When we strive to add value to other people’s lives success comes as a by-product.  When success is our focus frustration and stress follow. 

The practice of giving more value than expected will reap greater rewards.

Nothing excites me more than when I can help another person get unstuck from something holding them back.  Or to help someone understand something that is giving them trouble.  Making a difference in someone’s life whether it be small or big as long as it’s positive it fills you both up. 

There is always something that is a bit scary or intimidating to overcome.  If we let those things hold us back our success will be delayed or not happen at all. Growth happens outside out comfort zone.  Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Our lives are not usually determined by what we want or what makes us feel safe but, by the choices we make and sometimes those choices are scary and hard. 

A book that has helped me make things happen instead of waiting for them to happen is called The Rhinocerous Success.  It is a fun book, a bit corny but, definitely give you reasons to go after what you want. 

It took me a bit to realize how important personal development is.  I struggled with it until I read the book The Slight Edge.  That book helped me realize how important even the small consistent actions we take each day to move our business forward are. 

Be intentional about doing things that stretch you and help you reach higher potential.  You will never be sorry for the things you accomplish like you might be for the opportunities you missed.

As difficult as change may be sometimes it’s vital for growth of any kind.  We reach one pinnacle and then there is another one to achieve.  You are never done growing unless you’re dead. 

Challenges will always come our way.  How we handle them often defines us.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  They do not have to paralyze us or define us.  Use the challenge to discover things about yourself you may not have been aware of.  Take the time to learn, process and discover things about yourself to become who you are meant to be!!

Taking that first step is definitely the hardest.  The first Facebook live, the first post about business.  The first day of a new diet or new work out is the hardest.  Making that decision and taking the first act to accomplish it is the hardest the rest is repeating it. 

I hope you enjoyed these quotes and sayings.  Please leave a comment or share with your friends.  

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