If you're looking to grow your business through your online presence optimizing your keywords using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a great place to start.

For many bloggers (and online businesses alike) if you want to be found using Pinterest it's important to have your Pinterest Business account properly optimized.

Getting results faster is what we are all looking for right… Which is why I have compiled this list of the Top Pinterest Tips for excellent SEO.

First off what the heck is SEO??

Search engine optimization is the process of gaining traffic from naturally occurring search results when people use search engines. Unlike paid pinned advertisements, or boosting on Social Media, these sites and blog posts rank highly in the search results for FREE! (And we all like Free- am I right??)

Pinterest SEO

Pinterest SEO works on a similar algorithm. When you enter a phrase in Pinterest (because it is a SEARCH ENGINE), a whole host of pins appear, ranked by relevance.

And how is this relevance determined? You guessed it!! Pinterest SEO! By choosing keywords that link to your niche, you can effectively connect to a wide audience that is looking for a product or service just like yours!

So let's get into the ways you can maximize your reach using SEO.

#1: Your Profile

Your profile is where they can get their first impression of you. It lets them know who you are and if you are right for them. There are 4 key areas to focus on in your profile:

A. Profile Name

You want the name of your business, but you also want to use keywords so pinners can find you and know what you offer and how it can help them. Strategic keywords will also help you rank higher when people are searching for what you have saved on your Pinterest Account.

B. About You/Description

This section is really important for the SEO of your Pinterest Account

Here is a simple formula for the About You Section:

Show those viewing your profile exactly who you are and give them a reason to follow you and absorb your content.

What do you want to use – Keywords, keywords, keywords!!

Be sure to optimize your About section! You need to add the keywords that others may use when searching for the content, products or services that you offer.

By incorporating strategic keywords, you are letting people know who you are, instantly.

These keywords are also the magicians that drive traffic, allowing consumers to find you!

Be sure to also include the URL to your blog or business website to direct more traffic over to your site as well!!

C. Photo

Should your photo be of you or a brand logo??

If you are the face of your business then the photo should definitely be a clear professional looking photo. If the pinterest account is for a big corporation then a logo would be fine.

What is important is that it is a clear professional photo that people come to recognize.

D. Enabling Rich Pins

Rich pins add extra information to the top and bottom of an image, as well as a bold title.

Rich pins pull the information directly from your site and act like a mini funnel.

Pinterest Rich pins tell readers that you are a professional brand that posts professional content by showing your branding, blog title and description, description of the pinner (you), and also invites people to read!

#2: Your Boards

Your audience may also be searching for boards to follow not just pins. The only way they will find those boards is from the board title and description have excellent Keywords!!

A. Board name

While you may be tempted to incorporate some personality into your board names, it is important to remember that this choice of wording is not the best for Pinterest SEO. (This no place for slang or abbreviations)

Instead of bordering on fluff, take this as another opportunity to incorporate your keyword!

When naming your boards, ask yourself: What would my target audience be searching when looking for this information?

B. Board Description

Pinterest allows for 500 characters so get creative! Make the most of the real estate and input your keywords. 

Don’t worry about being repetitive, this step is really important when linking other pinners with an interest in similar boards!

#3: Your Pins

Whenever possible, save a pin directly from your website. This will automatically link the pin to your professional business website. (If you’re using WordPress, there are many plugins that will allow readers to easily pin your photos!)

If you are unable to pin from your website, you can always manually add your pins from your Pinterest account.

A. Title

Use optimized keywords in your title to get found!!

You want to come up with a title that entices people to click and keep reading. This title must also add the words that people use when searching for your product.

B. Pin Description

You get it by now, Pinterest SEO relies heavily on keywords. 

Keywords must be incorporated into the description of a post, but don’t get so fancy you forget about using proper grammar and sentence structure.

Don’t forget to add hashtags for bonus SEO!

C. Image

It's also important how you save your images- use a keyword when you save your images to your computer.

When these graphics are posted on Pinterest, the algorithm still picks up on the original image title when ranking. Don’t miss out on a bonus Pinterest SEO opportunity!

Good looking images are also VITAL to having people click through your pins and make it onto your website. If you can avoid using free stock photos as those get overused on Pinterest.

You are ready to go rock the Pinterest platform using Pinterest SEO strategically!!

Do you have any Pinterest SEO tips that aren't included in this list?? I would love to hear them.

If you want to make sure your Pinterest Business account is set up properly check out this training by Chef Katrina. She has been rated in the top 5 of Pinterest strategists in her niche. Pinning Ingredients

To your Success,

    5 replies to "Learn these 3 Must-Know Pinterest SEO TipS!!"

    • Hilary DeFreitas

      Heidi this one was good. I need to go back on Pinterest account and check to see if everything is aligned. Thanks for sharing

      • Heidi Albertson

        Thanks Hilary. I know I keep going and tweaking when I get reminded of these.

    • Jaime Brainerd

      Greetings Heidi, I had no idea so much thought went into a Pinterest board and how it can promote business. I have only used my Pinterest for personal boards and I have never created a pin or a business account. Now, thanks to you, I have several great ideas to get started with this great SEO marketing tool. I appreciate your blog post. Sending lots of love and gratitude.

      • Heidi Albertson

        Awesome Jaime! I'm glad it was helpful. Pinterest is such an amazing platform I love to show people how to to use it.

    • Cindy


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