Most of us have had fun searching for that 4-leaf clover in the grass field.  Sometimes they are easy to find and sometimes they are scarce. 

I’ve enjoyed the search for the elusive clover but, I don’t hold much belief in magic or luck of the clover. 

I’ve been taught only hard work will reap great rewards and although I do believe hard work most often reaps rewards, I don’t hold to the belief you have to work hard to achieve your goals.  There are some strategies that make progress feel like it’s magically happening.  And there are some strategies that make progress feel like it is coming at a snail’s pace.

I’ve always been of the mindset to work smarter not harder and the progress with results will come as a direct result of your efforts.  It may seem magical at times but, you can trace it back to seeds that you have planted along the way. 

Like the 4-leaf clover I am going to talk about 4 ways to work smarter instead of harder.

Every successful person will say a mentor, or a coach helped them along the way. Some will say multiple mentors/coaches helped them.  When you achieve results in one area there are other areas you then you need to focus on to keep moving forward.  You can always achieve and have more of an impact if you are willing and wanting to reach that next goal. 

I’ve spoken to many people who say they have an open mind but, then when something new or different is brought up they immediately say it won’t work or I already have something like that. 

I’m not saying we need to look at every opportunity or every product because that will certainly distract you from your focus and goals.  But we do need to be open to new ideas and opportunities that can help us move forward.  Especially if we are struggling in a certain area.  Changing things up renews our energy and excitement to take action.

Accountability whether that be in the form of a partner or even just being accountable to yourself and the goals that you set.  One thing that has really helped me stay on track and have actionable steps every day to move my business forward is my Power list. 

A Power list is not just a list of everything that I need to do but, instead it a strategic list of tasks that will move me closer to my goals every day.  No more than 5 things go on my Power List and the day doesn’t end until those things are done.  If I get them done early, then my day is clear to go for a hike if not then I stay up to get them done.  I reward myself with a ‘W’ on each day in my calendar I earned a 'W' for ‘Winning the day’!!!!

A community of like-minded people who support you and push out of your comfort zone so you keep growing and helping you achieve more than you think you can. 

A community is great for collaboration, and new ideas to enhance whatever you are working on.  To give feedback and even constructive criticism. 

With these 4 strategies in your business model some success will feel like it magically happened!! 

It’s that’s a wonderful feeling but, look back and thank that mentor/coach who helped you see blind spots.

Take note of what ideas or opportunities you took advantage of that provided resources to help you. 

What helped you stay accountable to the tasks that helped you achieve your results?

Who encouraged you, cheered you on and was there when you reached a goal?

Magic happens with help along the way!!! 

Pick the 4-leaf clovers and remember the work the soil, water and sunshine did to make it grow!!

Living with Joy and Peace,


    8 replies to "Is It Magical or Hard Work"

    • Julie JordanScott

      These are such important tips – and universally easier to find than the often elusive to me four leaf clover.

      Clever use of the theme!

    • Anita

      Great advice!
      I think all the changes that have happened in the world in regards to how businesses have had to adapt to the new normal are a good example of having an open mind. It amazes me the things some of the businesses have done to stay open, or not necessarily open but still in business.

      • Heidi Albertson

        Absolutely the way businesses have pivoted and gotten creative has been awesome.

    • Wendy Schweifler

      Thanks Heidi! Great List of 4! Especially needed during these times of speedy changes – we need support, guidance and an open mind:)

      • Heidi Albertson

        Thank you Wendy!! They have all come in quite handy especially this year.

    • Florence Callender

      Those are great ways to work smarter and not harder. I have experienced using them and not using them and I can attest to the efficacy of these strategies. Thanks for sharing them, Heidi.

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