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Homeschooling is one of the most intentional lifestyles you can choose. You are choosing something that is against the norm. You are taking control of your child's and family's future.

To be honest, when I chose to homeschool my firstborn it was a gut reaction.  I was accused of being slightly too attached because I got a horrible feeling thinking about him not being with me for several hours every day.

The jealousy was a real thing when I thought of someone else getting to be with him for all that time. It's was Kindergarten….how hard could it be with one child????

Life has a way of confirming your decision sometimes. During that year my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and was given 6 months to live. It wasn't exactly how I had our year or even our lives planned out.

The fact that we were already homeschooling we had the freedom to spend as much time together as we wanted. We had the freedom to make a lot of memories.

I learned a lot through that difficult time but, one thing that made an incredible impact on me was the importance of living an intentional lifestyle.

Intentional Parenting

Although I started our homeschool journey for one reason I continued it because it was important to me to be very intentional with raising my kids.

There were many times I made emotional decisions that rarely worked out well. I don't want to discount emotions because as humans we are emotional beings.

When it comes to an intentional lifestyle and reaching your goals. There are decisions you need to be very intentional about. I'm not referring to what you eat for lunch each day (unless a specific diet is important to your overall goals.) but, the decisions about where you live (Each state has its own laws and requirements), curriculum, or no curriculum, etc.

The intention behind some decisions is important in the big picture and the direction you are taking.

One of my favorite sayings that has made a difference in my life is:

Life is not determined by what we want but, by the choices we make”

Here is another Blog Post I wrote about how beneficial the Intentional lifestyle can be. The choices we make and stick with will ultimately determine the outcome.

I chose to continue homeschooling because of the benefits, joy, and lifestyle it allowed us to live.

There were so many benefits that would be a blog post all its own but, there were also days I had to reinforce to myself why I was willing to do it. It all came back to the intentional lifestyle we were building.

Entrepreneurship Lifestyle

There are so many similarities between Homeschooling and being an Entrepreneur that will have to be its own blog post.

I want to focus on the intentional lifestyle that exists with both. It requires a decision that might not be supported by our closest friends and family. You have to decide if your dreams and goals are worth standing up to the critics.

I have to say my worst critics for homeschooling my children loved the benefits it provided….🤔

Before I digress too much….

Being successful in homeschooling and as an entrepreneur takes discipline and strong intentional actions.

For homeschooling, It takes being willing to invest a lot of time to create your own or money to buy a curriculum. For entrepreneurship, it takes a lot of time to figure it yourself or money to pay for training and a mentor who has achieved what your after.

Make Money for yourself not others

Community, Challenges, and all that comes with it…

One of the first objections I heard about Homeschooling was what about their socialization??? I'm here to tell you my kids were more socialized than any child who went to school. The main difference being my children could play with other children of all ages not just their own. They could also hold conversations with adults and children alike.

As an entrepreneur, it can often get lonely especially if you are an extrovert. I have often said I am in business for myself but, I do not need to do it by myself.

Challenges come up whether we enter them intentionally to grow or they pop up through circumstances.

There are communities of all kinds to plug into.

While Homeschooling our local Co-op was a lifesaver. It gave my kids a lot of extracurriculars, higher-level classes, lots of socialization and provided resources to work through our challenges.

Knowing how impactful my homeschool community was for our success I knew I would need something similar to succeed in my entrepreneurial endeavors.

When I became a member of The Young Entrepreneur Project I knew I found my home. It not only provides resources and education to grow my business but, the integrity and authenticity I have found here is rare in the online digital space.

We not only have an incredible time together we push each other to achieve more personally and in our businesses. We travel together, build our businesses together and so much more.

If you are wanting to grow and/or scale your business bigger check out this 23-minute webinar to hear how The Young Entrepreneur Project can help you achieve the success you desire!!

To Your Success

Heidi Albertson

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