This blog post is all about a few influencers I have learned a lot from and why I continue to follow them.

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The first one I want to share with you is Dani Johnson. I haven't personally worked with Dani, but she has had a huge influence on me in a lot of areas of my life.

A little bit about her – She had a horribly abusive upbringing and found herself homeless. She figured out how to sell a product she had bought from a company and eventually become a multi-millionaire. She had every excuse you could think of why it wouldn't work for her, but she overcame all the excuses and is now empowering others to do the same.

I love learning from her because she is authentic and real. She doesn't give you platitudes or false hopes. Dani, also gives very practical advice for every area of your life. Her trainings have helped me manage money better, improve my relationship with my spouse and friends, even how I see God in my life.

Dani, is a minister that sees the Marketplace as her place of ministry. I have learned to evaluate a lot of things in my life that have held me back and realize why I have let them. Through her teachings I have retrained a lot of my thought processes. Still working on it, but I have come a long way.

This is the impact she has had on the world:

➡️ Donated and raised MILLIONS of dollars for the sick, the widow, the poor, and the needy.

➡️ Taught hundreds of thousands of clients to pay off debt, restore their marriage, reconcile with their children and family, live their dream life.⁣

➡️Led thousands of people to give their life to Christ⁣⁣

Whatever you want to do – start a business, open a charity, raise amazing kids, etc – start moving towards that TODAY!⁣⁣

You are the one life that can change so many other lives.

I continue to follow and learn from her because every time I hear her speak I learn something I wasn't ready to hear before. As I grow my heart and mind I am able to absorb more and continue to grow.

Another Influencer I admire and work directly with is Chef Katrina. I was first introduced to her as a trainer in a high ticket mentorship program I was part of. I learned a lot from her trainings and appreciated her style of teaching.

I finished that program and was interested in learning another platform outside of Facebook. When I found her trainings on Pinterest Marketing I was instantly intrigued. I had learned so much from her previously I continued to follow her and learned a little bit here and there about Pinterest.

After following her for a while I learned about an entrepreneur community she was a part of. I looked into it a little bit and was intrigued enough to sign up and check it out.

I have now had the privilege and honor to work directly with her and experience the person she portrays in her trainings and courses is really the person she is. She loves to share the knowledge she has gained and truly wants to see other entrepreneurs succeed.

She has helped me personally to see that multiple streams of income as something that is really possible. Through her mentorship I have created my first product to sell and am working on another.

The leadership she exemplifies is something I have never seen before, but hope to model after. The way she celebrates, honors and edifies others is admirable. I have seen her in meetings with our business team and be able to deescalate emotionally charged meetings. Not only deescalate the drama, but help people to see the good and not just focus on the issue they were upset about.

Chef Katrina, has personally helped me to step out and share the knowledge I have learned and begin to help others to get unstuck too. She has empowered me to stop continuous training, but to put the things I have learned into action and get paid for it.

I continue to learn from Chef Katrina because she has a wealth of knowledge I have only scraped the surface of. I am grateful to be mentored by her.

I encourage you to check her out especially if you are intrigued on how to use Pinterest to grow your business. You can find some great information here on this webinar she did: Pinterest Webinar by Chef Katrina

These are just 2 of the Influencers I closely follow and admire. I may share about more in another post, but these women specifically have changed my life and my business for the better.

To your success.

Heidi 😊

    8 replies to "Influencers I Follow, Admire and Recommend to Others"

    • Thank you for introducing me t some role models that I was not familiar with before. I like learning about women who are making it happen but remembering where they came from!

      • Heidi Albertson

        Absolutely!! These women are real and authentic. One of their many amazing traits!! Thanks for commenting.

    • Victoria Juster

      Heidi, You picked two high achieving remarkable woman and made their lessons seem doable. I know nothing about Pinterest and am looking forward to checking out Chef Katrina's webinar. Thank you for sharing this blog!

      • Heidi Albertson

        Thank you they are both wonderful women!! I hope you get a lot of value from Chef Katrina's webinar.

    • Kate Loving Shenk

      Good role models! So many good people in the world!!

      • Heidi Albertson

        Yes there are so many wonderful role models! These are my top 2, but I have more to share!!

    • Kandas

      Thanks for the "introduction" to Chef Katrina." My husband's custom furniture Etsy shop gets most of its traffic from Pinterest but I never have taken the time to learn how to use the platform properly.

      • Heidi Albertson

        You're a very welcome. Chef Katrina is a wonderful teacher for Pinterest. I hope you get value from the webinar it's a great place to drive traffic to Etsy shops,

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