Tammy Revard, has had quite an exciting career being able to take part in shows like the Grammy's, the Oscars, & Super Bowl halftime shows.

In this video, Tammy explains the illness that forced her to leave that line of work and pursue entrepreneurship. That illness also left Tammy with an area of her brain that deteriorated and has caused Tammy to have some difficulties.

The Entrepreneur community that Tammy talks about in the above video was able to help fill in the gaps of skills that Tammy struggles with.

We all have skills. Some of those skills are strong and some may be weaker. We can always learn and build on the skills we have but, we can also leverage the skills of others to build our business.

Tammy was able to leverage some really successful people by plugging into an entrepreneur community that those individuals have seen the value in.

As entrepreneurs, we often think we are in business by ourselves. I challenge that thought and although we are in charge of our own business and income we don't need to do it by ourselves.

One of the first skills I worked on was leveraging funds, experiences, and other people. Whether that be in mentorship, skills, or testimonials. There are so many ways to use leverage to grow your business.

The Power of an entrepreneur community is endless. People keep joining so there is always new people to network with, learn from, and possibly do business with.

I really enjoyed learning from Tammy and hearing about her experience and success with her book because of the encouragement she received during a short meeting.

She joined a FREE challenge and because of that encounter is now an author. You can grab her book here: The True Airhead

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What's Next

This community is having these challenges every month and they just get better and better as the community learns what entrepreneurs need and what is working in today's market.

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