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As entrepreneurs, we go to a lot of conferences that promise professional networking opportunities.  Some of these conferences are also for training and learning new skills, some are for a company to unveil new products or services, and some are a combination.  

How many times have you left a conference wanting more?  More information, more access to the products or services they just told you about, more time with the trainers, or more actual training instead of just theoretical information.    Or even more networking instead of others pitching to you.

I was recently at a conference and frankly, I wasn't sure what to expect. 

This conference was called ‘Kryptomania‘. 

I've done a fair amount of stock, mutual funds, and REIT investing, but crypto, bitcoin, forex, binary options, blockchain, HFX, wallets, FIAT are semi-foreign words to me.  They have always seemed complicated to acquire or understand what the heck they are. 🤯


So I went to this conference with a lot of curiosity and eagerness to learn, but also apprehensive about actually understanding it.  

My mind was overflowing 🤯 when I left that conference, but something I knew was reinforced tenfold.  It's not usually what you know, but who you know and the opportunities you take advantage of that change your life. 

I could have come up with many reasons not to go to the conference, but I chose to trust a friend when she invited me.  Four of us went together and four of us had our lives changed forever.  

The trainers at this conference were different than any conference I've been to.  They taught from the stage and then they stood by our sides and helped us implement what they just taught. 

We are on a new journey that seems from the outside like we are going into the deep dark cyberspace web and might get lost. 👀

I've written a few things about the journey entrepreneurs take.  It's never a straight course to uber success.  We have to try out and test things.  Some things we find don't align with our core values or the audience we want to serve.

Sometimes the training, course, or professional networking community we join impacts us some, but the greater impact comes from the people you meet while you're there. 

The reason they say you only fail when you quit is that opportunities are all around you.  Only you can make the choice to participate or not.  We could have gone to this conference and just taken in the words spoken on stage. 

It would not have had the impact on us if we didn't take action to implement, seek out the speakers and ask our questions, or hang out with some Brits and learn to dream big again!!

Professional networking is not just getting together with entrepreneurs to build business relationships in pursuit of sales. It's also learning from each other to grow in knowledge and skillsets.

Creators of the Joke Coin

As entrepreneurs growing and scaling our businesses we also have to focus on wealth building to take those profits and 100x them or more.  We spend a lot of time learning the skills to build our business, and often put off wealth-building until we have lots of money to invest. 

What if you could start building wealth with just a few hundred dollars instead of needing 10's of thousands of dollars??  What if you could learn from Master Traders who are so successful their egos have disappeared.  

I am on a journey that is changing the trajectory of my life and the legacy I leave for my family.  Not only financially, but education is something they will always have and remember.  I'm inviting you to take a look at how Tradeknology can change your life. 

You can also book a time to chat and I can share more details with you about how it has personally helped me: Book a call here

Learning new skills

Always be learning, testing, and growing!!

Doing it with others makes it a heck of a lot more fun and faster because we learn more from each other. 

What one person misses the others can help explain and when you help someone else it solidifies it for you. 

Here's to Your Success!!

Heidi 😊

PS.   Building your online business doesn't have to be hard.  It's actually rather simple.  When you are clear on your audience and what they are focused on.  Finding them and resonating with them is simple.  Join my 4-part Webinar to Unlock the Secrets of Your Perfect Customer.  Create that successful business, build the wealth to be prepared for an amazing life journey you've not dared to dream about.   

    4 replies to "How Effective is Professional Networking??"

    • Tamara

      I believe in networking.
      What it means to me is to establish and maintain quality relationships with people from different industries. It takes time and effort but is priceless.
      What it's *not* for me: quick LinkedIn connections or handing out business cards at a conference.
      What it's also *not* for me: contacting someone only if I need something. Give and take, people!

    • Martha

      Hubby and I had our interior decorating business for over 50 years and networking was a big part among the other decorators.

    • Angel Lewis

      Whew! Just thinking about conferences and networking events makes me exhausted. It is really great to hear about someone attending a conference and felt like they truly received value.

    • Laurie

      Yikes. I’d be lost. For sure!

      Congrats to you if you understood any of that!

      Ridge Haven Homestead

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