I have been reading a book written by Donald Miller called ‘Business Made Simple‘. This book is full of incredible value for building your business starting with you.

In this book Donald Miller mentions a Stanford scholar, Carol Dweck, according to her there are 2 kinds of people in the world:

  1. Those with a Fixed Mindset
  2. Those with a Growth Mindset

When you have a fixed mindset you believe you are the way you are and cannot change. If you are bad at math you believe ‘I'm not good at math' instead of ‘I haven't studied math therefore I'm not good.'

Those with fixed mindsets don't handle criticism well because they don't believe there is anything they can do about it.

When you have a Growth Mindset you believe you can improve at anything. You learn from failures instead of letting them define you. You learn from experiences believe your brain will adapt and get smarter.

The good news is it is possible to transform from a Fixed Mindset to a Growth Mindset. Dweck recommends looking at the world differently in 5 different categories:


We need to embrace challenges rather than avoid them. Look at them as a vehicle for growth.


Work through things that get in your way instead of giving up.


We must embrace the effort and see it as the way to a higher performance instead of wasted energy.


We must embrace criticism and learn from the feedback instead of taking offense and ignoring it.

Success of Others:

We must celebrate and be inspired by the success of others instead of being threatened by them.

When we see life as a journey that keeps getting better and better. We never arrive at the top the top just keeps getting higher.

Entrepreneurs Inspire Each Other

I have found being part of an Entrepreneur Community to be the biggest step and transition from a fixed mindset to one of continued growth. Being an Entrepreneur and being in business for yourself does not mean you have to work by yourself.

This community has made an incredible difference in my business and my life. I have been reminded of the reasons I became an entrepreneur. The journey of an entrepreneur is so unique with many twist and turns. The power of having other entrepreneurs pour into you and you having the opportunity to pour into others has impacted me and caused tremendous growth in me.

I you are looking to level up your game. If you want to be plugged into a world renowned Entrepreneur community in the world check us out and don't be a stranger.

Join me in this journey of being an entrepreneur. Let me work with you, guide you and show you how this community supports your growth. This community wants you to succeed and is giving you the tools to make it happen.

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To your success,

Heidi 😊

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