I have 2 little dogs named Mr. Pibb and Neci. Neci is a very exuberant dog as Yorkies tend to be. Mr. Pibb has always been on the more cautious, gentle side. Neci, jumps all over the place, runs up and down the stairs until well you guessed it she falls all the way down……

It's not pretty, it's really sad but, the hard part is she then has anxiety over trying again. She dances her little feet and wants to go down so badly but, her fear is holding her back. I know it hurt and it was scary.

I know so many people in life and business who have fallen down or something hasn't worked out quite like they expected. They feel defeated, hurt, anxious, embarrassed, etc.

Starting again takes resilience, strength and courage. It takes the grit to be able to say I'm not giving up. Defeat is not going to win.

Something that has helped me get back up after feeling like a failure or my mind telling it's not going to work for me. I have found and stay close to like-minded people and limit my time with negative people.

Find that part of yourself that is willing to fight for what you want and find that mentor who tells you what you need to hear. Not what you want to hear what you need to hear.

Sometimes I have to make my little dog want to go down those stairs so badly she finally does it. (Like the UPS guy coming to the door.)

Searching your soul for that reason; that thing that you will work hard for, fight for because it so important to you. Even if you don't reach your goal the first time you try or the second… Here's where the grit comes in and you don't give up.

Neci forgets all about her fear when that UPS guy comes to the door. What excites you so much you would forget your fear??

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    4 replies to "Getting Back up after Falling Down"

    • Francine

      Knowing your why is so very important! I love the anology of Neci being excited by the UPS guy!

      • Heidi Albertson

        Thank you! It's really funny what will get Neci to forget her fear of the stairs. i have felt the same thing when I want something bad enough fear takes a backstage.

    • Alice Gerard

      What motivates me to get back up after I've fallen? I'm not totally sure. I just know that I fall over regularly, and I do get back up, maybe because I am just too stubborn to quit.

      • Heidi Albertson

        That stubbornness to not quit will serve you well. I too am stubborn and won't give in. The willingness to learn from the fallen down so we don't keep spinning out wheels and change the outcome next time!!

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