I have to admit I feel very blessed by some of the entrepreneurs that I have encountered in past several years. I have been in the entrepreneur world for 20+ years and have sat through many seminars and upsells that have more than fallen flat on what they promised.

I've always lived by the philosophy of delivering more than you promised. Helping people with my products or services is more to me than just making a few bucks. It has to impact the buyer so their lives are better because we crossed paths.

The products and people I recommend also live by this philosophy and I know they stand behind their products and services with the same integrity I do.

This post may contain affiliate links to products that I trust. This means that if you make a purchase using the links below I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for the support!

Google My Business

Master The Largest Free Advertising Space On Google

Transform Your Business With This Powerful Tool

Google My Business is a powerful tool that can transform how you drive customers to your local brick and mortar business and further develop trust with new and existing customers.

This is an excellent tool to get ranked on Google maps in your local area!! Baxter Cribbs does a really good job training on this and helping you get your local business exposure on Google.

Learn how to use Google My business to grow your customer base, build trust, and increase your online presence and enhance your ROI today!

Online Marketing

Marketing Content Creation

My next recommendation is for those who want to market their business online, but struggle with what, when and to come up with content ideas!!

This Amazing Marketer has created a course just for you!!

If you want to create visually engaging social media posts, but you don't know where to start?

And you don’t want to spend all day creating them?

Are you a social media business owner who wants to learn how to build interest in your social media content to target your followers and raise brand awareness?

Then this is the training course for you.

This course will teach you how to create social media content that will improve your engagement with your audience and take you to the next level.

You will learn how to create tons of content and how to mix your posts.

Grab your Content Marketing Strategy!!

Pinterest Marketing

Since I have been learning Pinterest Marketing from Chef Katrina it has quickly become my favorite platform to market on. Combined with a blog it really does have a lot of marketing prowess with the 3rd strongest search engine.

If you are finding that Facebook isn't working for growing and scaling your business?

You are not alone. More and more small business owners are struggling to find a better way to grow their business and get access to a low-cost advertising platform.

With the new economy that we are in for 2020, Pinterest is becoming the marketing platform for business owners and it's easy to see why.

Pinterest is a Visual SEO marketing platform which means that your customers are searching both with keywords and visual info to find products and services they want in their life.

The Secret

Is learning how to create Pins that are Click-Worthy. Blending both the text and the image you use in your pins to tell the story of why a customer should click on your pin and learn more.

Which is what had her create the Pinning Ingredients course, giving you all the secret ingredients you need to create pins that get you more leads, sales, and customers.

Mom's I know you are busy!!

As a mother of 3 grown children I remember with fondness those crazy busy days when I had a hard time fitting it all in!!

My last recommendation for this blog is from one such mother of little girls. She wrote a book helping mothers get or stay healthy while handling a busy schedule as moms do.

Work, cleaning, cooking, driving, picking up, making sure your family's lives are taken care of… You do it all. Even getting to go to the grocery store along, eating a meal not cooked for your kids, or spending money on yourself feels like a luxury!

Unfortunately while being a mom is a wonderful thing, all of the day-to-day madness can lead to looking in the mirror and wishing you had more time to work out and focus on your health.

Going to the gym? Waking up an extra hour to do a YouTube video? Going on a diet? Getting lipo? What's this nonsense… busy mom's don't have any time for that!

Well, guess what, there is a way you can simply and easily feel more physically fit that doesn't require hours at the gym, diets, or surgery.

Yes, that is right, you have fitness and health options and Sarah show them all to you.

Check out her book: The Ultimate Healthy Habit for Busy Mom's

I love recommending resources that I know will help people to build their businesses and help with their daily lives too.

I hope you enjoy them.

To your success,

Heidi 😉

    2 replies to "Entrepreneurs I admire and highly recommend"

    • debra

      Great information, thanks for sharing!

    • Florence Callender

      Thanks for your excellent recommendations, Heidi. I have Pinterest marketing on my bucket list, and will certainly keep what you have said in mind once I begin. I am constantly striving to stay healthy amid the many things that need to be done in one day and agree that it is important to take time for that.

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