I have enjoyed the Pinterest for many years.  I have made DIY projects, many meals, and even redecorated rooms from ideas I found on Pinterest.  It has been my go-to place for new and creative ideas. 

Recently I have become enlightened to idea of using it for business.  Unlike Social Media Pinterest is a search platform.  You put a question or a topic in the search bar and Pins with that information show up.  People go to Pinterest looking for information, ideas, motivation, new and different ways to do something. 

Pinterest has a powerful SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 

In this blog I will talk about some key things I have learned to get the most out of the Pinterest platform. 

This blog has some affiliate links to some tools that I have used.  This means at no extra cost to you I will make a commission if you choose to purchase through the links here.

The biggest shortcut I have learned in Online Marketing is – If I don’t know something I can either teach myself and take forever to learn it or I can find someone who is doing it and learn from them. 

So, I found a Mentor, and I have to say I think I hit the jackpot when I found her. 

In her Mastermind course, Pinning Ingredients, you learn exactly how to set up a business Pinterest account, the importance of Keywords and how to research them. 

You learn all about what a board is and how the Pinterest Platform shows your Pins to people looking for your information. 

Katrina teaches you all about organic pins(free) and promoted pins (paid) and when you want to use each one. 

Some tools that have been very useful in growing my business not only on Pinterest but, for posting and my website is Canva.  

It is a very easy graphics program to use.  They have templates for all the platforms, free pictures and elements, texture backgrounds, etc.  There is a free and paid version. 

You can also make video pins for Pinterest.  Those are really fun and like other platforms they are pushing video pins in the feed more often.  A great tool for that is Wave.Video.  Super easy to use.  You can try it out for free or upgrade for more robust videos. 

One of the newest features Pinterest brought to the platform is Story Pins.  Unlike Facebook and Instagram these stories don’t disappear in 24 hours.  After putting in the work for the content it stays there and keeps promoting you.  I love that!!

One of the things I always look for when I’m looking at new strategies to grow my business is Automation.  Is there a way to automate the process?  I am thrilled to tell you Pinterest not only loves automation too but, they have a tool built for that process called Tailwind. 

You can make your Pins and schedule them out for a month at time.  There is a free version so you can try it out.  When you are ready to scale higher there are more options with the paid membership.

With Tailwind you can also join what they call Tribes.  This encourages collaboration, grows your audience and gives you more information to share with your audience. 

I hope this whet your appetite to learn more about Pinterest. 

To learn a little bit more I invite you to this  Webinar where Chef Katrina gives golden nuggets on using Pinterest to grow your business.

Chef Katrina who is one of the Top 5 Pinterest Gurus in the World.  You will feel like you hit the jackpot learning from her.  

If you have questions, insights please leave me a comment below. 

    2 replies to "Effective Pinterest Strategies to Grow Your Business"

    • Samantha Taki

      Hi Heidi, I just barley tipped my toes into the Pinterest world. I could definitely use some help when I am ready to go that route. I am still mostly focusing on Twitter and Facebook, but I know how popular Pins are. I will definitely watch Katrina's video and look into it. Thanks for sharing.

      • Heidi Albertson

        You're welcome. I love the search aspect of it. And creating the pins I find that a great use of all my scrapbooking skills. It's fun.

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