If you’re on Social Media I’m sure you’ve noticed it is a very noisy newsfeed.   It’s becoming harder and harder to find ways to stand out of the crowd.  To be successful in the Social Media world your branding needs to be unique and grabs people’s attention to stop scrolling and take notice. 

If you aren't familiar with the term Incentive Marketing that the Fortune 500 companies use, you're certainly familiar with how it works.

Without spending too much time, I can think of a dozen or more businesses that use incentive market whether you think of it that way or not.


Companies like Starbucks – Free Coffee

Costco or Sam’s club – Free samples all over the store

Your local nail salon – Free manicure (After so many purchased)

Amazon – Prime – Free shipping

Pampered Chef – Free products

Where do we see incentives used??

I love to shop at Sam’s club or Costco when the samples are put out.  I know they are tempting me to buy something I didn’t intend to buy but, I also think it’s brilliant.  They let you sample it, get a good taste for it.  They incentivized you come into the store knowing there would be snacks. 

Direct sales companies have incentives for people to have parties. You invite a few friends to look at products that you know they will love.  When they buy some, you get some free.  It’s a great way to sell more products.   

In the video below an Insurance Agent explains how he has used Incentive Marketing to grow his business.  He also explains he doesn’t even have the best prices in town but, he has been able to grow his business larger than his competitors because of this unique advantage:

Learn from Top Insurance Business owner, Rob Thomas on how YEP is helping insurance agents 10x their business by maximizing Travel Incentive.

A lot of the item’s entrepreneurs use to market or give away as incentives cost money and decrease your profit. 

Although this particular video showcases an insurance agent using the Travel incentives, I work with many entrepreneurs in many industries who use their creative minds to leverage incentives in their marketing.

It’s a great way to:

Start conversations

When someone doesn’t know you or your value a great reason to get to know you.

Generate more leads

Create a customer loyalty program

I hope you got value from this training.  If you would like to know how you can take advantage of these Travel incentives today…. Leave a comment below.  You can use them for your business or go on a trip yourself. 

Now is the time to invest in your business and build it up.

To your success,


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    • Well written and done.
      I’ve only just begun writing a blog myself in the last few days and realized
      lot of blogs simply rehash olld content but add very little of benefit.

      It’s gret to ssee an insightful post of some actual value to your readers.

      It is going down on my list oof things I need to replicate as a new blogger.
      Visitor engagement and content quality are king.
      Many superb suggestions; you’ve unquestionably managed to get on my list
      of people to follow!

      Continue the gookd work!
      All the best,

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