I have heard these perplexing words from various network marketing top earners:

Repeated over, and over again, like a mantra, was…

“Build your business, not your brand!”

Now, I knew this was basically a warning to people about not listening to those who are branching out and building their business online, and not following the recommendations of the organization.

But the REALLY PERPLEXING part is that this “advice” is often coming from those who I know grew their business online. Who had built a big online brand; who sells courses online, holds seminars, and have big social media followings.

So, this was very much a case of…

“Do as I say, not as I do.”

So, let's set a few things straight, shall we?

If you've been trying to figure out ways of growing an online business, because old-school methods like home parties and hotel meetings are not working for you, here's what it actually means to “build a brand,” and why the above advice is so terrible.

Your brand is your business!

But what does it mean?

How do you build a brand when you are promoting a company that already sells products? Isn’t our job to invite more people to see the opportunity or get more customers?

Understanding what it actually means to build your own brand is pretty key.  I’m going to break it down a bit:

It's simple: every action you take in your business results in either…

Being more likable, or less likable

Having more credibility, or less credibility

Improving your reputation, or trashing it

Being memorable, or forgettable

Think about this…

Every person you talk to, you either leave them with a good impression or a bad impression, right?

So, if someone chooses to never talk to you again, because they think you're creepy and weird after you tried to prospect them at a mall, then…

That's your brand, in their eyes!

So, understanding what building your brand is.  It’s pretty important to always be genuine and yourself. If your Brand is who you are – then you need to show up to be known.  

And you can accelerate things by choosing to grow your business online because social media allows you to make an impact quicker, more efficiently, and with more leverage.

The upside is that your business can impact significantly more people by building online.

The downside is that if you are doing it wrong or in a sleazy way, you can destroy your reputation and the reputation of network marketing that much faster!

What often seems like a lot work can also have many benefits. 

The tools and programs we choose to leverage can give us a big accelerant to your business. 

The first time I read through the book called Magnetic Sponsoring I began to understand  the process of building my brand. 

Building Brand You Inc will require investing in yourself first. It’s will require investing in your education to learn the skills of a marketer.

In building your brand, Ray Higdon always said,

Invest – invest in yourself. Spend money on mentorship, courses, and training to get you where you want to go.

Learn – put in the work to learn a new skill. Learn from the courses you purchase and the mentorships you invest in.

Teach – pour into others what you are learning. Let them know where and how you are getting access to this information. Teach from your point of view. It’s unique to you and your tribe is waiting for you to teach them.

One of the best ways I have found to incorporate all three of those building blocks to building your brand is to be part of a community of entrepreneurs that provides all of that. 

If you want to be supported in your journey as an entrepreneur …join the YEP to Freedom Challenge. Training for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs that have created a laptop lifestyle!!  Don’t struggle on your own, or feel like you’re on a deserted island. Come together with other entrepreneurs and learn the shortcuts!!

    2 replies to "Do you know what your Brand is??"

    • Melissa Brown

      Love this simple advice:

      Invest – invest in yourself.

      Learn – put in the work to learn a new skill.

      Teach – pour into others what you are learning.

      Thank you for this article.

    • Kate Loving Shenk

      I've tried my hand with Network Marketing. Besides the word brand, mindset is also a concept used in the business. Mindset is a value appropo in all walks of life. A universal truth, if you will.

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