How to Read the Minds of Your perfect clients

Foundations of Marketing

Before we can really market anything we first have to know who we want to market to, who is our perfect client? There are so many different people in this world who speak all different lingos and things they are passionate about.

We may have a product that most people will benefit from using but, we have to recognize not all people care about the solution it provides and not all people will resonate with our message or our personality.

To really understand the perfect client we want to work with and be able to ‘get inside their head' we really need to understand who they are, how they think, what lingo they use, etc.

Perfect Clients thoughts!!

To really understand the perfect client we want to work with and be able to ‘get inside their head' we really need to understand who they are, how they think, what lingo they use, etc.

In all the courses and training I've taken for marketing I've heard it said many times people do not buy your product or service they buy the BENEFITS of your product or service. Knowing who your client is and what benefits they are looking for makes this all come together.

Your clients are looking for a solution to their problem(s). It's your job to position your product or service as that solution. The question is what solution does your client need??

Take them from where they ARE to where they want to BE!!

Whether you are writing a post, email, live video, or talking to someone on the phone. Your ability to get them to say ‘yes' depends on how well you get inside their minds and show them how you can help them.

You could be selling:

  • Shakes
  • Vitamins
  • Cosmetics
  • Travel
  • Mentorship
  • Training
  • Etc…

Doesn't matter….. The person you are talking to is looking for a solution.

The only way you’ll ever be able to communicate with your prospects effectively is to get very clear about their particular “before” and desired “after” states.

Asking questions and getting to the very heart of the issue.

It begins by knowing who you actually want to serve and work with. Not only who your products or services are for, but who specifically do you want to work with.

Working on the skill of asking questions (yes, that is a skill to learn) will help you to understand and speak directly to the person.

What is really making them UNHAPPY and what does their HAPPY really look like?

The success of every ad you write, every blog entry you post, every email you send, and every telephone call you make depends on it.

And if you truly want to get inside your prospect’s mind, you’ll need to do some written work…and some deep thinking work.

You'll want to take some time to research and write down what you discover.

Join the conversation in your perfect client's mind!!

This may seem like a lot of work before you even start finding those clients. I've got a shortcut for you!! If there is anything to cut the time it takes to understand something or shorten the learning curve I love to take part in it.

I have put together a workbook for those who really want to understand who they're talking to. When you get that it makes your marketing all come together.

You can get it here: Understanding Your Perfect Client!!

I heard a story once about a wife who asked her husband to buy her a drill. She didn't really want a drill she wanted a hole in the wall. But, the hole wasn't really what she wanted either. She wanted to hang a picture. Was hanging the picture the ultimate desire?? She wanted the drill to make the hole to hang the picture so she could enjoy the beautiful photo of her family and the memories it brought to mind for her.

Getting to the real root of your perfect client's desires will help you understand and know how to direct your marketing.

To your success!!

Heidi 😉

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    6 replies to "Discover Your Perfect Client!!"

    • Marion C Candino

      Heidi, My name is Marion. I am a fitness instructor/ personal trainer. My boss is putting together a fall fitness festival. Each instructor is encouraged to do something individual and unique to add on. We need to get more clients in the studio. Any strong suggestions? I've already written up a client survey but they never acted on it, I originally suggested the festival, and now I'm being asked again for more ideas. Feeling like my mind is being utilized but I'd like a second opinion from another woman mom like.
      Thank you, Marion

      • Heidi Albertson

        Marion, thanks for your comment. Your boss is utilizing your mind but, I don’t see that as a bad thing. You put out a suggestion that they like and are using and testing. That puts you in a neat place of showing leadership. Not knowing much about your studio or your clientele I will speak from my experiences. If you’re looking to attract young moms having activities for kids 2 and older like parachute games or even creative mini boot camps. A lot more people are homeschooling now incorporating workouts with the moms and older elementary/middle school kids would be a huge blessing to them. I hope these suggestions help to get your ideas flowing. If you would like to brainstorm some more find a time on my calendar that works for you: Heidi’s calendar

    • Marc Cohen

      Heidi, this was very informative. I now feel ready to identify my ideal client and gain a better understanding of their needs. Thank you.

    • Victoria Juster

      Great advice, Heidi! It doesn't matter what you're selling. If the customer feels that their needs are being met, you'll have a customer for life!

      • Heidi Albertson

        Absolutely!! It's all about meeting their needs!! Thanks for commenting!!

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