December 31, 2021

Entrepreneur mindset

My mentor said something this year that has really stuck with me and made me think as I have been working on developing the mindset of an entrepreneur.

One of the biggest hurdles for entrepreneurs to conquer is to stop asking permission to try things.” – Chef Katrina

As a general rule, we are taught to be employees who ask management before trying anything new. We are told what to do at school, we then go to college and start a career. Always taking direction from professors, managers, and those in authority.

What Happens When The Norm Doesn't Work??

Some of us realize quickly that the model does not work for us. My husband realized in the first few months of working for his company he was not cut out to work for someone else. He had many ideas that would make things more efficient and profitable, but they didn't want to hear it because they had done it the one way for so long and were not open to learning something new.

It's interesting how in certain areas of our lives we are very confident and are good at trying new things.

I chose to homeschool my kids and even though I had some people question my ability to do that I knew in my heart it was the best thing for them and our family.

One of my favorite things people would say in their criticisms was:

“That is not the way we did it when I was in school.”

I loved that because it was precisely a big reason for my decision to homeschool in the first place.

As much as I did not struggle to try new things homeschooling my children I have struggled to try and do new things as an entrepreneur.

Seeing things through the eyes of children is inspiring and contagious. They tried new things because they weren't told they couldn't do it. It's easy to see possibilities when you haven't been in environments that squash new ideas.

As an entrepreneur my question to you is –

When you have an idea do you act on it or question it until dies?

That is the difference between being an entrepreneur and being an employee. You can try new things and you don't need permission!!!

Did you hear that??


Will some of those ideas fail – most certainly! And those are where we learn the best lessons to do better.

Some of those ideas will succeed and empower you to take action on more of your ideas.

I want to share a short blog post I saw in Seth's Blog:

The idea died because no action was taken!

Lead by leading

Managers have to wait for permission because management requires authority.

But in every area of our lives, if we choose to lead, we can lead. Simply by beginning.

It might be that few will choose to follow, but then we can learn to get better at leading.

First, we begin.

I am writing this as we are ending the year 2021. It has been a hard year and tumultuous year for many and a time of some great changes. It's always a great time to choose to step out into your greatness, but as we start a new year it seems a bit easier to make a change because it's being talked about all around us.

What new idea, new product, new service, new promotion are you taking action on this year?? Comment down below I would love to hear about it and cheer you on!!

Did you know Your Perfect Customer really wants to hear about that idea you came up with!! Your Perfect Customer actually wants and needs you to sell to them…..I wrote a blog post that dives more into that. Check it out HERE.

I challenge you to BEGIN!

If you got value from this post please let me know down below and share on your favorite digital media platform.

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To your Success!

Heidi 😉

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Heidi Albertson

I spent eighteen years homeschooling my children, while learning entrepreneur skills at the same time.  Now that my children are grown, I've taken that knowledge and developed a business to help other moms tap into their own super powers and become successful entrepreneurs themselves!

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