There are things that happen to us or things that are said to us when we are young that may seem like a simple thing to one person but, makes a huge impact on someone else.

I think for the most part it has to do with what is going on in your life and how you interpret something for how big of impact it has on you.

I had a youth pastor in my high school years that many would consider very strict and legalistic. To some extent that may be true. The impact he had on me was not focused on all the things he didn't think I should do but, the lessons he was teaching me through that mindset.

Something he told our youth group over and over again was the phrase:

You could say he drilled this saying into my head. I have often come back to it as life hits me in different directions. I can react to situations that happen and think why me? Or I can go back and evaluate the choices I made that resulted in the situation. Did I do something just because I wanted to or did I make a well thought out decision?

As strict as he was with our group I believe we all benefited from it in different ways. For me I never struggled with blaming someone else for a situation I find myself in. I understand personal responsibility and that has served me in making choices because I know the results whether positive or negative will be a direct result of my efforts and skills.

I do understand there are situations that are completely out of our control. I'm not referring to those.

As I ventured into the entrepreneur world and am taking responsibility for my paycheck, my time and my geographical location. I understand the choices I make, the money I invest, the skills I development, the time I invest will determine my outcome.

Another quote I've heard more recently has helped me look forward and not hold back. (Thank you Gina Eason 😉 )

Sometimes we get scared to make choices. We come up with all kinds of reasons why it might not work. I'm not condoning making foolish choices but, things that are well thought out something you know you want to do and are willing to put in the money, time and grit it will take.

Instead of asking “What will happen if I fail?” Ask yourself “What will happen if I Fly?”

We have to be willing to fall down sometimes, pick ourselves up, have true evaluation, and try again.

Those choices are not always easy. The right choice is not always what we want at the moment.

“Life is not determined by what you want but, by the choices; sometimes hard choices that we make.”

If you choose not to do something don't let be out of fear of failure but, because it's not the right thing.

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Go Fly!!!


    4 replies to "Choices and How they Impact our Lives!!"

    • Kebba Buckley Button

      Heidi, right on! Attitude is paramount, and your 2 quotes are priceless!

    • Melissa Brown

      Heidi, great reminder about personal responsibility and how our choices determine our success.

      I read a little on your blog and it looks like you grew up in my neck of the woods–northern NJ. I live in Short Hills. Where did you grow up?

      I always find it fascinating to see how people's journeys take them from one place to another and they always go back to say where their story originates. Mine originated in southern Ohio near Kentucky. Even though I've lived in NJ for far longer than I did in Ohio, I'm still a country gal from Ohio in my mind!

      • Heidi Albertson

        Yes sit is fascinating to see where people come from and where life takes them. I live in VA now but, I'll never be southern gal I have way to much Jersey in me.

        Thanks for reading my blog.

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