I am participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge and today the suggestion was to have a Caption This Contest.  I am going to post 4 different photos.  Pick one and let me know what you would Caption IT.  Bonus do you have a guess where these pictures were taken??

Photo Credit goes to my dear husband Tim Albertson (www.timalbertsonphotography.com)

Photo #1

Photo #2

Photo #3

Photo #4

These photos were taken while on a trip.  The time that I am writing this we have had very limited travels due to the Covid 19 Pandemic.  As travel opens back up I know I am dreaming of places I want to go!!  Let me know where you want to go!!

I am giving all who comment a: (  Leave your email address below!

7 Day Dream Vacation

This an amazing complimentary 8 Day 7 Night stay to the destination of your choice. (retail value up to $5,453)

As a thank you for giving me great caption ideas.  I use these incentives to grow my business if you would like to know how you can too let me know.  

There are over 3,000 locations worldwide to choose from. Resorts in Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Cancun, Las Vegas, Japan, Cozumel, Italy, Norway, Greece, Poland, Malta, Span, Bora Bora, U.S.A., and more! 

No Timeshare or sales presentation required! 

I can't wait to see your vacation photos!!


    12 replies to "Caption This/ Win A Prize"

    • Suzanne

      #1 Stop Dancing and Be Still – the humans are watching
      #2 I am a tree. I am a tree. I am a tree.
      #3 In the stillness there is grace
      #4 Too many turns – I need a break


      Great minds. I also did a blog with certificates involved.

    • Alice Gerard

      1. The More Petrified than Usual forest 2. My secret hiding space 3. reflecting pool of secret longings 4. "How do I get there from here?"

    • Kebba Buckley Button

      Heidi, these look a lot like the Everglades in Florida, USA. (True?) I'll take photo #2: Tree Meditating. Please do not enter me in the contest, as I don't want to travel due to family situations. But thanks for the fun images and the opportunity to caption them!

      • Heidi Albertson

        You are right they are from the Florida Everglades!! Good eye.

    • Paul Taubman

      #4 – The Long and Windy Road

      #3 – Looks like Mama took my Kodachrome away after all!

      #2 – Peek-a-boo! Owl see you!

      #1 – They say the ghost of Lucias Clay gets up and it walks around.

      Beautiful images! Kudos to your husband! Thanks for sharing!

    • Martha

      Photo 2 – Hoo Hoo (My G-Granddaugther loves owls!) Photo 3 – Reflections

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