Family Choice

When I chose to homeschool my children I knew I was choosing a certain lifestyle. A lifestyle that would give us the freedom to visit family that lived far away, to take trips when others couldn't, to spend a lot of time together, etc.

It was not going to be without its struggles or trials. I knew not every day was going to be smooth and trouble or frustration-free. But, my reasons and dreams for making the decision to homeschool were bigger than the inconvenience of the bad moments or days.

The best thing I did while homeschooling my kids was to join up with other families who homeschooled and share resources. We encouraged each other and helped each other evaluate our efforts and our keep our kids on the best path for them. We joined forces to make all of our loads lighter.

Entrepreneur choice

When I chose to be an entrepreneur I knew I was choosing a certain lifestyle that would give me the ability to live life fully, how and where I wanted to. A style similar to homeschooling my kids in that I could travel, visit family and friends when I want to. Being someone who is crazy spontaneous that is very important to me.

Being an entrepreneur has many benefits, but it also is a huge responsibility. I don't have anyone to provide a paycheck for me except me. There are many tools to automate a lot of things, but the responsibility still comes down to me. There are skills to learn and legal things to put into place.

Not every program or service I do is going to be profitable and not every day is going to go the way I want it to or be as easy as I would like. Does that mean I give up or it's not worth it??

Some things I have learned and sometimes continuing to learn. It wouldn't matter if I was still homeschooling my kids or building my business:

  • If you don't take daily action your progress grinds to a halt
  • If you don't schedule it 😱 it doesn't happen
  • The challenges along the way make you better, stronger and wiser
  • You won't arrive the same day you start. It takes time, consistency, daily action, a lot of work, and determination

If you want the lifestyle and the goals you have bad enough you can make it happen, but it won't happen if you give up.

There were many days it would have been a pleasure to send my kids to school, but the lifestyle and goals we had would have been lost. And, now that we are on other side of raising our kids I am extremely glad we never gave up. It wasn't perfect and some days were ugly, but the big picture and amazing adults they are now was all worth it.

The same goes for my business. If I don't keep working at the goals and dreams I want and daily action to achieve those the lifestyle I want won't happen. I have BIG, HAIRY Goals and that means I need to build the big, bodacious business to support those goals!!

The best step I took in my business was becoming part of an Entrepreneur Community called The Young Entrepreneur Project (YEP). In this community, I have not only found the training, mentorship, Marketing tools, and many benefits that I use to build my business, but I have found the support and the kick in the butt for those days that are harder to be motivated than others.

Being an entrepreneur can sometimes get lonely especially for those of us who are not introverts. We run our own businesses, but inside of YEP we support each other, help each other overcome obstacles, discuss personal development together. We also give each other feedback on projects we're working on and what is working or not working with our marketing.

It has absolutely been one of the biggest blessings in my life and business to have locked arms with my group Team on Fire inside of YEP!!

To Your Success,


PS. Here is a 25-minute incredible overview of how The Young Entrepreneur Project can help you start, grow or scale YOUR business!!

    12 replies to "Being Intentional with the Lifestyle You Choose"

    • chef William

      Great article. Yet I think that many go about life without thinking through their goals and what is required to meet them. I do use the computer as my business office and I made the choice 10 years ago to live in Mexico most to the year but to retain our house in Wisconsin to go to the part of the year. Because we live in the hills of the Serria Madra Mountains the internet can be an iffy thing but it is a choice we made and I work around it. For me, the schedule is everything because we have a fairly nice-sized farm with a few hundred chickens, turkeys, ducks, goats, and rabbits I do need to help the wife once in a while. (that is her business and she does have help but still, I like to help. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the article

      • Heidi Albertson

        I'm glad you enjoy my blog. As long as your choices work for you that's what matters. Being without internet has it's many benefits too!! Thanks for commenting!!

    • Jeri

      “You won't arrive the same day you start. It takes time, consistency, daily action, a lot of work, and determination” H.A.

      Realizing this while being consistent is essential. Love it.

      • Heidi Albertson

        Thank you!! Yes, consistency is so important. Thanks for commenting.

    • Heidi, I love your emphasis on CHOICE. We are very much at choice about the lifestyle we create. How great that you have put together the elements that work perfectly for you! Great post!

      • Heidi Albertson

        Thank you Kebba!! I have to keep that foremost in thought the lifestyle we choose is a blessing or a curse. I always tell myself not every part of it will be awesome, but our goals are worth it!!

    • Pamela James

      Great post Heidi, thanks for sharing. Everything in life comes with challenges and it's up to us to decide what we want…. especially homeschooling and running a business. Good for you for staying true to your why!

    • Congratulations on successfully building the life you wanted to. You are so right about having your own business. All people starting their own biz should see those tips at first so they know what to expect.

      • Heidi Albertson

        Yes, having the right expectations from the start sets you up for success!!

    • debra

      Wow Heidi, good for you for knowing what you valued and creating a life to support those values!

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