Fourteen months ago I was told to go home from my job. Leave the premises, take all my equipment with me and only come back if it was impossible to work at home (Ie. lost internet connection).

As my country and most of the world were trying to fight the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Since they told me take my computer home I at least knew I still had a job. That was most certainly a blessing and not something I take lightly. I felt very blessed.

As people became more concerned with cleaning everything and anything of course those cleansers became very difficult to find and if you did find them they were double if not triple the price.

We found ourselves using chemicals in our homes and on our hands that we were trying to get away from a few months ago. Before the pandemic I knew some people who used hand sanitizer like it was going out of style. But, most of the people in my circle didn't use it at all.

Now it is everywhere and you're encouraged to use it a lot. My question is how well is it really working. It kills what is currently on your hands, but as soon as you touch something your hands are full of germs again. Not only that the alcohol in it is drying out your hands and used too much will cause them to crack.

Is there an alternative? Have the genius minds out there come up with something better??

Sooo Glad You Asked:

I want to introduce you to the next generation of skin guard called Axiom8!

Axiom8 is the new gold standard in full-body protection. It features a patented technology that kills metabolically rather than poisoning, while providing an invisible shield that helps keep your skin silky and soft.

Axiom8 has actually been shown to restore dry and cracked skin.

When I heard all that I was blown away!! But, that's not all…..

  • Axiom8 is FREE of alcohol, water and petroleum
  • Effective against bacteria, virus, and fungus * Proprietary formula prevent bacteria from building resistance.
  • Remains on the skin after multiple hand washings, wearing gloves, and exposure to the environment
  • Each application helps to strengthen your skin's moisture barrier
  • Non-flammable formula poses no fire hazard in storage and will not freeze
  • Effective for 4-6 hours!!

I know I am traveling more now and visiting my friends and family. Using this I am confident I'm not carrying a whole lotta germs with me. I feel safer traveling, going to all the stores, pumping gas, etc.

You can find out more about it here: Axiom8 – The Next Generation in Skin Guard

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    • This could be a very useful product. I will have to check it out!

    • Eydie

      Thanks for sharing this valuable information. I'll look into it for sure.

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