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Hello there!

Since you came to this page, I guess you’re asking yourself, who the HECK is Heidi J. Albertson?

To begin with, I am a wife, mother of three adult children, and a grandma.  I spent eighteen years homeschooling my children and living a Freedom lifestyle.  After my kids graduated from our homeschool, I started working full time at the local University.  They offered benefits and free tuition, which helped my children to continue their education. 

However, it didn't take long before I realized that I am not cut out to be a 9-5 employee.  There were many reasons why we decided to homeschool our children, one of the most important being the freedom and flexibility this lifestyle allowed us to live.  Not to be too dramatic but, I felt like I grieved giving up that lifestyle.  I know I am there for a purpose, and the environment is good, but in the end, it's not what my heart truly desires.

In the meantime, while I continue to work, I am also investing in myself and learning the skills I need to create a business that will allow me to return to the free and flexible lifestyle my husband and I desire. 

My passion for teaching and empowering others became evident and grew during the years of homeschooling my children.  I learned about the different learning styles and how to adjust teaching materials so that each child could learn effectively in their learning style. 

I have turned my passion for homeschooling my children into products, services, and mentoring other moms so they can grow their businesses and live the lifestyle they desire. Thank you for investing a few moments of your time here I aim to make that investment worthwhile!

So what else should you expect from this blog?  (I know, enquiring minds want to know.....)


Occasionally you will most likely see too many photos of my children (I will try to restrain myself) (LOL)

Lessons I learned while homeschooling that are helping me build my business

Tips, hacks, and marketing strategies that I have found to be effective and working in today’s world. 

Recommended tools & resources that I have used and found to be effective.  I only recommend products that I have used and find valuable in growing my business. 

Mastering the positive and negative thoughts that run through our minds.  The mindset of an entrepreneur is critical to your personal and business growth. Entrepreneurs are similar in ways to homeschooling parents think and act differently

Action items in every post.  I learned from teaching my children, that once we acquire new information or learn something new, we need to put it into action.  Every Blog post and email you receive from me will include an action item.  It is always your choice how to respond.  Following the prompt is one action ignoring it is another option. 

Book reviews – I love reading good books and talking about them!  When I come across a book that I think others should read, I write a review and share the best takeaways I got from them.   

Did I mention you might see too many photos of my kids!!  

Things I purposely exclude:

You won’t find an excessive number of ads that you have to avoid.  I only promote tools, resources, and books that I have personal knowledge of.  I have either used them in the past, or am currently using them. 

Politics and religion are topics I only discuss in person.  Because I aim to high standards, integrity and authenticity, you may occasionally hear about my faith.  Sharing my faith is a big part of who I am, and effects every aspect of my life, including my business.  What you will not hear about is religion.  I believe that faith and religion, are different things.  

I love interacting with people, and I want to get to know YOU better!  So please feel free to comment on posts, ask questions, and never be afraid to reach out if something doesn’t make sense.   I would love to meet you personally and learn about your business and your goals.  You can book a 30 minute call here:

Giving back to make the world a better place than I found it!!

I wholeheartedly believe in making our world a safer and better place for us all!  For me that might look like donating time and energy to running in a race, but my primary focus for giving back is through an organization called “King’s Ransom Foundation”. I've done the research, and I know that I can trust that every dollar I donate through my sales goes directly to the people in need and is never used for overhead costs.  If you're interested in learning more about them, you can check them out here

In addition to sharing with you here at my blog, you can also sign up for my newsletter!  I promise I won't load your inbox with daily updates!  I typically send them out twice a week, unless something is time sensitive, then I might send out another!  

Everything I share with you, both here and in my newsletter is designed to help you grow both personally and in your business.  I do my best to write and share content that is worth the investment of your time, because I know and respect how precious that time is!


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