I was born and raised in Northern New Jersey.  Although I live in Southwest Virginia now, the Jersey Girl is still quite vibrant!! 

I knew growing up I was never going to settle for the 9-5 and/or have a corporate career. 

I always loved playing the game Monopoly when I was young.  I heard once that those who play by all the rules of Monopoly make great employees and those who make up their own rules are going to be entrepreneurs.  I have to say I have never read the rules to Monopoly and usually I have to figure things out for myself.

Life has a way of teaching you things whether you like it or not.  The things that I have learned I love to share and help others achieve their goals sooner. 

My greatest achievement in life has been raising my 3 (Can I say brilliant and amazing) children. Home-schooling them and raising them to be adults who have a positive impact on the society around them has been challenging and riveting.   

While raising my kids I’ve also been involved in several businesses and the entrepreneurial journey has been exciting.  Although, the tools, training and mentorship can be costly and time consuming the rewards far outweigh the cost.

Since teaching my kids is not my full-time occupation anymore I have developed the love of teaching others what I have learned on my entrepreneur journey.  

Time is one of most valuable tools, so I thank you for taking the time to read this so far. 

My mission is help you cut the learning curve and exceed in your business. 

Some things you can expect from this Blog:

  • Tools and trainings that have helped me build my business
  • How to achieve the mindset of an entrepreneur (Throw the Monopoly rules away! )
  • Tips and Hacks for marketing online
  • Opportunities and challenges for you to apply to your business

Don’t be a stranger!!  There is always opportunity to leave comments on the blog posts.  I would love your feedback and your insights. 

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To your success!!


PS. As much as I love to make money I'm passionate about using it in ways that make our world better and safer for others.  I'm also careful about who I support and promote to others.  When I heard about the organization The King's Ransom I researched the founders and found some of the most solid people I've ever encountered.  I trust them and their heart for the unserved.  You can also rest assured every penny you donate goes to the cause you choose.  Whether that be saving children from sex trafficking or building houses for single moms in Nicaragua.  You can check out their website here: https://kingsransomfoundation.org/