I help mompreneurs who have homeschooled their children to overcome their insecurities and confusion starting their business in the current online and virtual world. Avoiding the overwhelm with too much information while staying authentic to their core mission.  Empowering them to feel confident with new technology and master the skills to have success. 

With my proven blueprint on how to build a profitable home-based business from scratch using automation tools and time-saving tips.  Showing them the tools to scale their business, taking action on opportunities while making an impact on their audience and building generational wealth for their children and grandchildren.  

Before I was Heidi Albertson, CEO I was Heidi Albertson homeschooling mom to 3 freaking amazing children.

I absolutely 100% loved homeschooling my children and the lifestyle that it allowed us to live.  I am super spontaneous so having the freedom to jump in the minivan and go visit family, go camping, drive across the country, whatever adventure fell into our world was really important to me while still maintaining a schedule and system I could use anywhere to continue homeschooling the kids.  Huge benefit was all the opportunities it provided my children with experiential learning keeping them focused, scheduled, and on track with their school work.  

 I also had a short stint working for the college my children went to (Free tuition...nice), but that short stint proved to me I was not cut out for the employee lifestyle, the regular paycheck and stability the 9-5 job brings with it.

While the 9-5 job's steady paycheck, stability, and benefits it provides are attractive for some, but the entrepreneur lifestyle that offers freedom and flexibility really resonated with me.  

So what did I do....I found a way to support the lifestyle I wanted to live, while continuing to show my kids anything is possible and daring to live my dreams became my priority.   All while keeping the structure my family needed for day to day activities.  

The lessons I learned while homeschooling my children (It's highly possible I learned more than they did 😉), have been invaluable in building my business.  

I gained immeasurable insight into the structure, planning, and building of a business and the roadblocks that you will encounter.   I realized how important it is to put processes and planning in place so I could scale my business. 

We all have a story and I know some things about you....

 You have heard and probably tried many products from Network Marketing companies
Many of those products you love, but aren't passionate about.
Relationships are super important to you and selling to your friends and family seems 'icky'
You want to invest in products and companies that are credible and have a good reputation with a strong infrastructure.

Even having those thoughts you still want a business of your own and the lifestyle you can have with that.  


- Secret to Success

"Be here actively immersed in the process, one year from now."

       Jeff Olson, The Slight Edge

Building a business online takes time and tenacity.  I have tools and resources that help to cut that time shorter, but don't be misled in thinking it's crazy easy or it can be accomplished fast in the nooks and crannies of your day.  It takes consistent action and just like raising your children it takes others around you to be successful.  


"On a path to a goal you will off course most of the time.  Which mean the only way to reach a goal is through constant and continuous course correction." 

- Confucious

About 3 years ago as my children were graduating high school I decided to start my online business and was quickly told I needed a Blog.  Fast forward a few weeks and I wanted to quit, but that is not in my nature and not a character trait I wanted to show my children.  But, what do I do first?  What do I do after that?  How do I know what people want to read?  How do I really make money with this?  I'm overwhelmed with the tech in building a blog!!!  What the heck is SEO and what impact does that have on my business??  

Fast forward to the present and I have learned all of these things but, I do have a little bad news I did not learn them all overnight or in 30 days!!  Not even in 90 days.  They take time to learn and get good at.  In fact I'm still learning because when we think we've arrived we start dying.  

The good news I have for you is I've learned a lot of hacks, time savers and resources that make blogging easier and faster.  I want to share with you what I have learned in 5 sessions we will have your blog up and ready for your amazing content.  

Building a Legacy

"Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow." 

 - Jeff Olson, The Slight Edge

Building Your Financial Legacy.

As you make money,  keeping, investing, and growing it becomes crucial so that you can leave a financial legacy. What good is being a six-figure earner if you don't have a plan on how to keep and grow that income even if something should happen to your company.   The digital world is changing and affecting everything especially our financial future.  Learn more about how you can stay informed and build that legacy for your family here:  Financial Education

5 Steps to Building Your Blog!!
Your tool for getting found on the internet!!


I help mompreneurs who have homeschooled their children to overcome their insecurities and confusion starting their business in the current online and virtual world.

Heidi J Albertson

Building strong foundations for businesses to succeed.  Providing real wealth strategies to create a legacy for your family.

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