Wouldn't it be something…

As an online marketer, blogger, or You Tuber

People listened to every word on your live videos

They read your posts, emails

Consumed your blog?

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Watch this video or read on as I share with you 7 tips I have learned from some of the marketers in the industry. These tips will compel your audience to listen to you when you go live and consume your content and will want to join you or buy your products.

First, when you are starting your Live Video, get into your content right away. You have only seconds to grab people's attention. Most people will catch the replay, so respect those who do drop in while you're live and give them the content instead of waiting or pausing for too long.

  1. Be a bit controversial – Don't be afraid to be a tad controversial. I'm not saying offensive, just challenging a belief…
    1. You've been lied to………
    2. Strategies your upline doesn't want you to know……
  2. Deliver a Big juicy promise….
    1. 3 Tips to beat overwhelm
    2. Tips to get people asking to join your team or buy your products…
    3. Do you struggle to poop 💁🏻‍♀️
  3. Tell them what they are going to get. This I mentioned before, get right into your content. Let them know what information you're going to give them.
  4. Let them dream….
    1. Imagine if you never had to prospect again….
    2. Imagine if you had the confidence to walk on the beach in a bikini….
  5. Ask What if……
    1. What if you had people in your inbox asking to join your business or buy your products?
    2. What if you were able to lose 10 pounds without exercising or changing your diet?
  6. Break up the sentences in your posts and blogs. Breaking up the sentences makes reading visually easier and compels the reader to read on.
  7. Start with a # (Gives them an expectation to look for)
    1. 100 milliseconds is how long it takes for your brain to form a first impression.
    2. 28 seconds is how long it takes a chemical to enter your bloodstream when it touches your skin

I hope these tips are helpful for you in creating your live videos and social media posts.

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To your success,

Heidi 😉

“I get it. Not every day is roses and peaches…. you wonder why you are even doing this. We all make mistakes, we were all newbies at one point, but we kept pushing forward to become as great as we envisioned. You are human !!! Be kind, loving, forgiving to yourself “

    3 replies to "7 Ways to get People to Watch Your Live Video or Read your Content"

    • Florence Callender

      What juicy tips!

      Thanks, Heidi. I especially liked numbers 1, 3, and 4.

      You began by saying something that most business coaches say shouldn't be done in a live video. They say to chit chat for the first 5 minutes or so, to allow more people to get on. Hmm. Now I get to chose.

    • Alice Gerard

      This was so interesting! Why not dream of what could be? And why not ask those what if questions? Who knows? Maybe, by exploring these ideas, you can make it all happen.

    • Martha

      Great tips! I have to work on #6, there are times when I write my blog I just keep going and going until I realize I have a 3 line sentence! You'll be happy to know I'm working on a blog and it's starts with a number! I never know about that tip!

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