In this blog post I am going to talk about something my team has been talking about and working through with the planner called Law of Attraction.

This planner has helped us dig deep and renew our mindset. Remember why we decided to be entrepreneurs. We dream big and together we keep the momentum going.

Here are 7 Key ways to help keep that momentum fresh!!

  1. So the first thing, take time in a quiet place to figure out your Big Hairy goal.

If you're don't get enthusiastic, if you're not excited, if it's not something that pushes you, then you got to figure out what will push you. Right?

What is it that will drive you to keep going and give you the enthusiasm for what you are doing??

Here are a few things that drive me you could as examples. One of those big hairy goals of getting your whole team to a certain rank. This could help to retire, to fire their boss and retire, right? There's lots of ways that you could do that.

2. So the second one is hang or associate with others that are also enthusiastic.

Have you ever been around people that are driven, enthusiastic and excited?

I can think of like four or five in my life that when we jump on a call or I'm around them, I'm just pumped. I'm enthusiastic because they are!! Right? That's just how it works. Enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm.

3. The third one, is working to build financial success.

Helping others make their first dollar and learning to repeat that over over….

There's a degree of enthusiasm and momentum that obviously comes when your bank balance starts to grow. Right??

This is a saying that sums it up pretty well: when good people make good money, they help other good people make good money, which then in turn helps more good people make good money, which helps serve other people. 

So it's just this ripple effect. And it's really, freaking cool. If you can attach that to something that you are excited about, like giving back or feeding children or many other things.

One of the trainers in out company has an orphanage that he supports with what he earns in his business. I think that is a freaking amazing thing to be working for.

4. Number four, make personal development a priority, and apply it to your daily life.

Focus on growth. If you are just drowning in all of these things, and you're not taking time to grow yourself and personally develop yourself, it's really hard to be enthusiastic.

So you want to take some time each day to take care of that.

5. Number Five, take care of your health. It's hard to be enthusiastic when you feeling well.

A walk or some kind of exercise moving your body helps keep your body and mind healthy.

If you think back to the last time you maybe had a cold or like a fever, you're just kinda like, blah, right? You're not that enthusiastic and it's hard to really want to do anything never mind that live video. It's just how it works.

6. And then number six, be solution oriented when it comes to facing challenges.

There's always going to be bumps in the road. Always. It doesn't matter what you're doing.

Recently I was able to witness my mentor lead our team through some unintentional but, hurt feelings and aggressive reactions. The leader that she is she directed the conversation to solutions instead of complaints. When changes happen has they always will. The skill of leading your team without everyone falling apart will not only keep your team together you will also show them what a leader looks like.

So you've got to be able to be solution oriented when you face adversary. It's just how it works.

7. And then number seven is help others. This is one that I figured out.

Making money and reaching our goals is pretty freaking cool but, what is even cooler is when you you help other people to reach their goals.

And that's where this one comes in because it's definitely one that human beings are hardwired to do and that is helping others. So serving other people is hardwired into our human DNA.

So we are wired to be in the service of our fellow humans without expecting anything in return. And I know that probably all of you that are reading this have at some point in your life, if not just recently, served someone else or helped out someone else or helped out a friend.

And it gives you those warm, fuzzy feelings, especially if there isn't a payback for you.

So that is the 7 keys on how to get and keep momentum in yourself and team. It all starts with you. 

If you're not enthusiastic about what you're doing, you may want to look in the mirror and go through these seven steps and then maybe ask yourself, is this what I should be doing if I'm not enthusiastic about it?

If it's not fun and you don't love it, what's the purpose in doing it, right? So figure out what your purpose is. And hopefully that will help you get through it.

But building teams and growing a customer base inside of this industry, it takes some grit and it's not always going to be fun and games. So you want to make sure and understand that you have to create the enthusiasm.

If you are looking for that enthusiasm and new momentum in your business I invite you to check out the YEP 5-Day to Freedom challenge

You will learn all about what it takes to succeed and scale your business!!

To your success,


    3 replies to "7 Key Ways to Keep Momentum in You and Your Team!!"

    • vidya

      love these tips.. the people we hang around with do matter so much..

    • Alice Gerard

      This is really helpful information because it's broken down into easy to follow steps. I really need things broken down like that for me, and this post does so in a pleasant, accessible style.

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