Social Media can be a very ‘noisy' place at times. There are some tricks or hacks or what ever you want to call them to help get your posts to

  1. Show up in audience's newsfeed and
  2. to increase the likelihood of your posts being noticed
  3. to get your audience to engage with your posts

1. Share Value

Tip #1 is you want to post/share value instead of spam

What exactly does that mean?? Spam is basically promotions. Posts asking for people to ‘Buy my stuff!' ‘Help me reach my goal!” Posting ‘Before and afters!‘ all the time.

These things teach your audience to keep scrolling past your posts. It also affects FB, Instagram etc. algorithms to not show your posts that often.

When we go on Social Media we aren't looking to buy something. We go there to be entertained, educated, inspired. When your posts create curiosity in someone they will continue to read.

A valuable post will create curiosity around your product, opportunity or about you individually.

Remember people naturally think about themselves. Your posts need to be all about your audience and why they might need or want whatever you're promoting.

They want to know what's in it for them. So if you're sharing the benefits and creating curiosity, they're going to say, “Well, I want those benefits. I want that result“.

When you create curiosity like that and they want to know more they have to come to you to learn all the information.

2. Engage

The next tip to Engage with your audience before you post anything. You want to spend at least 30 min to and hour engaging on other people's posts.

You want to read and comment with a minimum of 5 words. This shows Facebook specifically that you are being Social. Remember this is Social Media and to get the engagement on your posts you also need to engage on others.

So reply to everyone who's commented on any of your posts. People who have commented in your lives. Go in and comment on other people's posts.

And don't just comment with a heart or just a like, okay. But give a good meaningful comment in there.

That's just the way that it works on social media. 

3. Be Consistent

The 3rd tip I have is to do these things, post value, give engagement before your get engagement and do these things consistently. Make them part of your DMO (Daily method of operation).

So tip number three is showing up consistently and when it comes to posting, less is more now and if you do post more than once a day- definitely wait a minimum of 4 hours between posts.

What used to work years ago, even last year, the year before that, heck even a few months ago. I remember when I started using social media, it was like post five times a day.

That is overkill now, one to two times a day, MAX. All right. If you want to share more, go to stories. Stories is the place for that.

But as far as you're keeping your algorithm going, growing your brand, sharing your value and being visible in the newsfeed, you want to show up consistently and post at least once a day.

Because if you start posting value, you have people engaging and you show up one day and then you show up again, five days later, your following is going to fall off and it's also going to hurt your algorithm.

So you're not going to get as much reach going out. So you've got to show up consistently.

The more consistent you are and you lead with value and you engage with other people, the more Facebook is going to put out your posts in front of more eyeballs, more people in your friends list and the more engagement you're going to get in return. 

So I hope that was valuable for you.

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To your success


    2 replies to "3 Tips to Getting more Engagement on Your Social Media Posts"

    • vidya

      thank you! i am working on creating more value through my posts and interacting with others

    • Kebba Buckley Button

      Heidi, yes, it was very useful. I had been wondering how often I needed to post to maintain a presence. Thanks!

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